Wirewheel Capital, a data privacy and protection platform, has announced it has raised 45 million dollars in Series B funding. The funding round was led by Needham Growth Fund, with participation from strategic investors Axon Ventures, a subsidiary of Axon Enterprise, MissionOG, and previous investors Insight Partners and MassMutual Ventures. The funding will be used to further develop and accelerate Wirewheel’s data privacy and protection platform and continue growing the company’s suite of products.

Wirewheel Capital’s platform combines smart risk assessment and policy-driven privacy and data protection solutions. It helps businesses manage the privacy of their customer data and meet regulatory requirements. The platform provides automated monitoring of data usage, breaking it down into the categories of access, sharing, retention, and security. It also provides businesses with insights into their customer data, helping them understand how their customer data is being used and how it is exposed to risk.

The platform’s features make it an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes, allowing them to make sure they are compliant with various regulations and helping them to protect their customer data. The platform also provides customers with an easy way to understand their customer data and take the necessary steps to protect it from potential threats.

Wirewheel Capital Raises 45M Series B Funding to Accelerate Growth

Wirewheel Capital, a growing cyber security firm based in Washington, DC, just celebrated a huge milestone – they announced their Series B funding round at $45 million. The round was backed by a number of major investors including Grotech Ventures, Drive Capital, and other private investors.

The funds will be used to fuel Wirewheel’s rapid growth and to make substantial investments in their products and services. This Series B investment round sets the company up for continued success, allowing them to expand into new markets, scale their existing products and services, and ultimately improve their cyber security offerings.

Wirewheel’s Series B funding round is an important sign that the cyber security industry is rapidly growing and is increasingly important in the larger tech industry. In recent years, cyber security threats have been on the rise, prompting businesses and individuals around the world to invest in stronger cyber security measures.

At the same time, Wirewheel’s investment comes at a critical time, amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which has created a dramatic surge in cyber security threats. With the surge in cyber threats, Wirewheel’s products and services promise to be a valuable asset in helping organizations protect their digital assets and data.

Wirewheel  has demonstrated strong leadership in the cyber security sector, and this impressive Series B funding round proves it. The combination of Wirewheel’s quality products and services, and their dedicated team of cyber security experts, is sure to continue to make them a top provider in the industry and a valuable asset for any company looking to protect their digital assets.

 Wirewheel Capital Secures 45M Series B Investment to Further Innovation

Wirewheel Capital, an American venture firm specializing in early-stage investments, announced a major Series B funding round of $45 million. This round of investment was led by Madrona Venture Group and included the participation of prior investors Bain Capital Ventures, Workday Ventures, and NextWorld Capital. 

This capital will be used to further Wirewheel’s mission of building innovative and disruptive products and services that optimize efficiencies and security in the enterprise technology industry. 

Wirewheel’s portfolio includes investments in companies that focus on cybersecurity and privacy compliance, data protection and monitoring, and data science and analytics. These companies are expected to benefit from the new investments as Wirewheel looks to build its global reach and expand services within its portfolio. 

This Series B funding will provide Wirewheel with the opportunity to expand its product and service capabilities. The company will be able to make strategic acquisitions, hire talented technical teams, and continue its development of innovative AI-driven solutions to solve complex enterprise data privacy compliance challenges. 

The additional capital brings new resources and connections that will help bring Wirewheel’s innovative products and services to the forefront of the enterprise technology industry. With this latest injection of capital, the company is well positioned