Aftershave is an oil or gel-based substance used as an antiseptic agent after shaving. It is applied to disinfect and soothe your skin. It is an alcohol-based splash that can be in the form of lotion, oil, or paste. It reduces irritation, bacterial growth, dryness that may occur due to cuts and lack of moisture after shaving.

This aftershave is a skincare product that contains some ingredients with added cologne or fragrance that offer skin protection in many ways.

Ingredients one should look for in their aftershave:

Aftershave that has an alcohol base, kills bacteria, but it does not provide any health benefit. Likewise using aftershave that contains artificial scent as an ingredient may irritate your skin.


Here are Some Ingredients One Should Look for While Buying an Aftershave-

  • A nut-based moisturizer such as Shea butter.
  • A plant-based astringent to reduce bleeding from cuts.
  • That contains the fragrance of essential oils such as lavender oil or natural ingredients such as green tea, cedarwood, anise, or oatmeal.
  • Vitamin E is used for maintaining good skin health.
  • Glycerin and Aloe Vera for moisturizing the skin. Aloe Vera is a natural ingredient that contains inflammatory properties.

The purpose of applying such cheap aftershaves is to leave soft and moisturized skin. These ingredients will provide protection and great health benefits to your skin, keeping it healthy if used in a routine.

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Although, it may not be necessary to use aftershave to get away with all this but is helpful to re-hydrate the skin, especially when a person is prone to skin irritation.

How Does Aftershave Work?

One of the essential parts of male grooming is applying aftershave. As mentioned above, it serves several purposes to freshly shaven skin. One of the most important works it does is killing germs and microbes. When you remove hair through shaving, the pores of the skin open up. The open pores easily catch bacteria, causing irritation, blemishes and acne. The antiseptic feature of aftershave helps to prevent and get rid off these bacterial effects.

It is important to give attention to the ingredient used as an antiseptic agent at the time of formulation of aftershave. Alcohol-based aftershave makes your skin uncomfortable as it may provide a slight burning and tingling sensation. Whereas, plant-based astringent provides your skin with antiseptic properties without drying out the skin as alcohol does. Plant-based astringents usually help in cooling down sensitive skin after shaving.

How to Use These Aftershaves?

  • Whether you are shaving face or anywhere else, follow your usual steps.
  • Wash your face or the body part you have shaved and remove the shaving cream or gel you have used for shaving.
  • Dry pat your skin and take a small amount of aftershave liquid/gel on your palm and rub it into your hands.
  • Then rub your hands on the surface of your body part you have shaved gently.

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