While you plan and pack your home for a move, it is likely to have a fair share of fragile items. This is where you need to be extra careful and ensure safe transit. These items can easily be destroyed or damaged if proper packaging material is not used to keep them safe and protected. There are many packaging supplies available in the market that are specially designed for protecting all our belongings.

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Different Types of Packaging Supplies Used For Transporting Fragile Items:

  • Packaging Peanuts: These are loose-fill packaging and cushioning material which is meant to hold your items in place. They interlock when compressed and flow when not compressed. The goal is to fill the voids within the box of fragile items. They are the size and shape of peanut hence fit into pretty much any space.
  • Bubble Wraps: A classic wrapping packaging material is bubble wrap. It is a transparent plastic that contains equally spaced air-pockets in the shape of a hemisphere. They act as a cover to provide cushion to fragile items. They are available in different sizes and hence can be wrapped around multiple times to any size of items as per requirement. For items less prone to damage, small bubble wraps can be used for one-time wrapping. The wrap is designed to protect products from shock and vibration during transportation.
  • Foam Sheets: Packaging foam is a lightweight packaging material in the form of a plain sheet that can be reshaped and cut into the desired shape. When items are encased in packaging foam, it not only protects items for vibrations and shock but keeps the product intact and also adds a professional element to the brand. It can also be customised for the level of protection needed in a particular product.
  • Paper: A very common packaging material used to avoid breaking any of your belongings. They are used as fillers in bags and boxes to fill voids or to wrap it around items. According to the requirement, it may vary from newspaper to more heavy-duty options.
  • Double-Wall Cardboard Boxes: Double wall cardboard boxes are made using five layers. They are an ideal choice to stack and transport heavy loads, offering great strength and longevity across a range of different industries. Double-wall cardboard boxes are heavy-duty storage boxes ideal for transportation of heavy and fragile items.

When selecting a packaging material, you don’t need to use them only when the item to shipped or transported is fragile. If you want to make sure that everything you have packed is safe and secure, then it is worth using these items to keep your products intact and away from shock.

For moving or shipping goods, it’s essential to use good quality packaging. Packaging Midlands has a wide range of premium quality packaging material that are intended to protect your products from mishap during shipment. Their packaging material is affordable and available in all shapes and sizes.