First of all congratulations. This is the time when you need to take care of yourself in the best way possible. You need not take anything for granted as this is a very crucial time. Get help from other family members if needed.

Now, let’s get started about the movies you can watch while you are expecting. Now, since you are pregnant you might be eating right. In addition to this, you might be sleeping properly and also reading pregnancy-related books. You are doing everything that is needed and is crucial. Nevertheless what about some me-time? Have you been watching some movies about babies? If no, then this is the piece where you will find all the information related to the movies you can watch during your pregnancy. 

  1. What to expect when you’re expecting:

    This is one of the best pregnancy movies you can watch. This amazing US comedy movie is featuring a star stud.

Cast of what to expect if you are expecting

Cameron Diaz

Anna Kendrick

Jennifer Lopez

Brooklyn Decker

Elizabeth Banks

Chace Crawford

Matthew Morrison

Rodrigo Santoro

Chris Rock

Dennis Quaid

Ben Falcone

Joe Manganiello

Thomas Lennon

Rob Huebel

Amir Talai

Rebel Wilson

Heather Hach

Wendi McLendon-Covey

David Thwaites

Kim Fields

Genesis Rodriguez

Jason Todd Smith

Mimi Gianopulos

Jesse Burch

Maria Howell

Cynthia Evans

Rhoda Griffis

Steve Coulter

Wilbur Fitzgerald

Scott Poythress

Megan Hayes

Taylor Kowalski

Eric Mendenhall

Matt Lintz

Andrew Laws

Hannah Kasulka

Sharon Gee

Catherine Dyer

Chelsea Cardwell

Elizabeth Becka

Jon Stafford

Julie Ivey

Africa Miranda

Aerli Austen

Isla Fisher

Macsen Lintz

Tricia Miranda

Jasmine Kaur

Ed Helms

The movie follows the pregnancies of a group of women, all of them who have gone through different challenges and have had separate experiences. From free pregnancies adoptions to hassle free opinions, and morning sickness, the movie has covered everything related to pregnancy and parenting topics in a way that it will grab your attention for sure. Throughout the movie you will have a fun time yet you will gain some knowledge too.


2. The Business of Being Born: If you are selecting only one movie to watch, then this should surely be the one. This is a pregnancy movie you will like for sure. This one is not for the romantic and 80s movie types. However, this movie will teach you so much about pregnancy. Directed by Ricki Lake, this movie explores some of the experiences of childbirth in the United States. The film shows homebirth, inductions, natural childbirth, caesareans, and everything else that comes in the between. In addition to this, the film also shows modern reliance on interventions and medicines during pregnancy. It also shows how pregnancy is treated as a medical emergency. If you want knowledge about all of this, then this is the movie which you should watch without fail.


Cast of The Business of Being Born

Abby Epstein

Ricki Lake

Ina May Gaskin

Michael L. Brodman

Julia Barnett

Louann Brizendine

Robbie Davis-Floyd

Sylvie Blaustein

Tina Cassidy

Mary Helen Ayres


3. Nine Months: Julianne Moore and Hugh Grant have left no stone unturned to make 90s movie magic in this romantic creation. What takes the center stage is the signature hair flop of Grant. This further is continued by Moore who is a dance teacher. Now, what happens is Moore faces an unplanned pregnancy. As time passes by, the couple faces some issues. Nevertheless the movie has a happy ending at the end.


Cast of Nine Months

Hugh Grant

Julianne Moore

Robin Williams

Joan Cusack

Tom Arnold

Jeff Goldblum

Mia Cottet

Ashley Johnson

Joey Simmrin

Alexa Vega

Charles Martinet

Aislin Roche

Patrick Braoudé

‘Ed Ivory’

Kristin Davis

Zelda Williams

Priscilla Alden

Violet Columbus

Brendan Columbus

Betsy Aidem

Eleanor Columbus

Irene Columbus

Betsy Monroe

Clarke Devereux

Terry McGovern

Maureen McVerry

Emily Yancy

Geoff Bolt

Gwen Holloway

Velina Brown

Diane Amos

Cody Dorkin

Porscha Radcliffe

Carol DePasquale

Bradley Gosnell

Christopher Lambert

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu

Catherine JacobDulce Guerrero


4. Father of the Bride 2: For all those people who have planned your wedding by getting inspired from this movie, this is surely the pregnancy movie you ought to watch. The film follows the journey of George as he gets ready to be a father for the third time now. This is a very heartwarming film that focuses on fatherhood, family, and the ups, and downs of pregnancy.


Cast of the father of the bride

Steve Martin as George Banks

Diane Keaton as Nina Banks

Kimberley Williams as Annie Banks

Kieran Culkin as Matty Banks

George Newbern as Bryan Mackenzie

Martin Short as Frank Eggeholfer

BD Wong as Howard Weinstein

Peter Michael Goetz as John MacKenzie

Carmen Hayward as Grace

Kate McGregor as Joanna Mackenzie

Linda Williams as a guest at the reception

Marc Ian Sklar as a wedding guest

Rina Tucker as Danish relative

Pamela Matheson as Gitte

Britt Leach as assistant manager at the supermarket

Mike Knox as a wedding guest

Kellie Hudson as a wedding guest

Nicole as the neighbor

Eugene as a singer

Tom Irish as Ben Banks

Steve as Bankleader


5. Baby Mama: If you are feeling sad or not having a great time during pregnancy, then you should watch this movie. This is one of the best comedy movies about babies where Amy Poehler and Tina Fey have played their roles amazingly. Tine Fey plays a role of a businesswoman who ends up hiring Amy as a surrogate to her baby. What happens with Amy is she does not have a place to live which is why she moves in with Fey. However, in between both of them start to argue about various pregnancy issues.


Cast of Baby Mama

Amy Poehler

Tina Fey

Dax Shepard

Greg Kinnear

Romany Malco

Sigourney Weaver

Maura Tierney

Holland Taylor

Steve Martin

Will Forte

Fred Armisen

Denis O’Hare

James Rebhorn

Stephen Mailer

Siobhan Fallon Hogan

John Hodgman

Kevin Collins

Jason Mantzoukas

Tom McCarthy

Dave Finkel

Jon Glaser

Kathy Searle

Alice Kremelberg

Jay Phillips

Brian Stack

Frank Rodriguez

Andra Eggleston

Felicity Stiverson

Jill Messick

Anne L. Nathan

Almeria Campbell

Erica Fae

Ian Colletti

Eric Zuckerman

John Goldwyn


6. Babies: This one is a complete one hour and twenty minutes of babies. The movie follows four different babies from four separate countries. The movie has shown how they have been like babies and how it is like to grow up. Basically, the movie has explained the life of a baby. This is a must-watch with your girlfriends.


Cast of babies

Ansel Elgort

Lily James

Jon Hamm

Eiza González

Jamie Foxx

Kevin Spacey

Jon Bernthal

Sky Ferreira

Flea (musician)

CJ Jones

Lanny Joon

Big Boi

Hudson Meek

Micah Howard

Jon Spencer

Killer Mike

Hal Whiteside

Viviana Chavez

7. Riding in cars with boys: This one is among the most emotional yet funny movies. The movie is starring Drew Barrymore who plays the role of a high school student who experiences pregnancy all of a sudden. Basically, the movie follows lost dreams, marriage issues, mental issues, and drug problems. However, a strong bond between the mother and the son is also shown.

Cast of riding in cars with boys

Drew Barrymore

Brittany Murphy

Steve Zahn

Adam Garcia

James Woods

Lorraine Bracco

Sara Gilbert

Mika Boorem

Peter Facinelli

Rosie Perez

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Desmond Harrington

Vincent Pastore

Celine Ordioni

David Moscow

Logan Lerman

Skye McCole Bartusiak

Cody Arens

Maryann Urbano

Alissa Dean

Logan Arens

Marisa Ryan

Skye Arens

Jordan Gelber

Gabriel Carpenter

Paz de la Huerta

Olivia Morgan Scheck

Samantha Lucier

Kevin Thoms

Kristin Proctor

Alexia Landeau

Susan Forristal

John Bedford Lloyd

Tracy Reiner

Kevin O’Rourke (actor)

Gene Canfield

Carl Capotorto

Heather Hodder

Jon Korkes

Jaime Gallagher

Vincent De Paul (actor)

Wade Mylius

Joseph Cassese

J.D. Brookshire

8. Juno: This one is not to watch when you are going through pregnancy mood swings because then you will cry for sure. The film follows Juno, a high school student who is facing an unplanned pregnancy as she is in search of finding the perfect parents for her baby. It also shows the issues that are faced by high school students, as Juno is not selected as a partner for the prom. She sees how every other day people talk about her, and much more.

Cast of Juno

Elliot Page

Michael Cera

Jennifer Garner

Jason Bateman

Olivia Thirlby

Allison Janney

K. Simmons

Rainn Wilson

Valerie Tian

Emily Perkins

Daniel Clark

Eileen Pedde

Candice King

Aman Johal

Kaaren de Zilva

Darla Fay

Cut Chemist

Cameron Bright

Sierra Pitkin

Steven Christopher Parker

Eve Harlow

Ashley Whillans

Emily Tennant

Kirsten Alter

Jeff Witzke

Robyn Ross

Peggy Logan

Colin McSween

Wendy Russell

Josephine Reitman

Mindy Marin


9. Away We Go: This film was directed by Sam Mendes who shows how a young couple Veronica and Burt goes through their journey of pregnancy. After finding out that Burt’s parents are moving away, both of them decide to travel the United States so that they can find a new place for themselves. This one is filled with interesting characters and fun. You should surely consider this.


Cast of away we go

John Krasinski

Maya Rudolph

Chris Messina

Catherine O’Hara

Carmen Ejogo

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Melanie Lynskey

Allison Janney

Jeff Daniels

Josh Hamilton (actor)

Paul Schneider

Colton Parsons

Jim Gaffigan

Cheryl Hines

Stephanie Kurtzuba

Finnerty Steeves

Conor Carroll

Vivien Eng

Shirley Roeca

Pete Wiggins

Samantha Pryor

Bailey Harkins

Jerome Stephens Jr.

Randy Lee


10. For Keeps: Nobody else can play the role of the perfect highschool pregnant girl than Molly Ringwald. This movie has gained a lot of popularity with time. The character of Molly gets pregnant with her boyfriend. This is when the couple decides to raise the baby themselves. 


Cast of for keeps

Molly Ringwald

Randall Batinkoff

Miriam Flynn

Conchata Ferrell

Kenneth Mars

Pauly Shore

Patricia Barry

Michelle Downey

John G. Avildsen

Sharon Brown (actress)

John Zarchen

Renée Estevez

Janet MacLachlan

Jaclyn Bernstein

Matthew Licht

Darcy DeMoss

Helen Siff

Brandon Douglas

J.W. Fails

Sean Frye

Leslie Bega

John DiSanti

Jack Ong

Anne E. Curry

Trevor Edmond

Larry Drake

Tino Insana

Steven Eckholdt

Bonnie Hellman

Steven Barr

Robert Ruth

Peggy Walton-Walker

Robin Morse

Kimberly Bailey

Annie Oringer

Robert Nadder

Roger Hampton

Patricia Patts

Marty Zagon

Brenda Vaccaro


11. The Back up plan: In this romantic comedy, Jennifer Lopez plays a role of a single woman who opts for artificial insemination and then finally meets her other half on the same day itself. After some time she finds out about her pregnancy and expects her love to be with her.


Cast for the back up plan

Jennifer Lopez

Alex O’Loughlin

Eric Christian Olsen

Michaela Watkins

Anthony Anderson

Tom Bosley

Noureen DeWulf

Melissa McCarthy

Linda Lavin

Danneel Ackles

Robert Klein

Maribeth Monroe

Jennifer Elise Cox

Cesar Millan

Adam Rose

Carlease Burke

Rowan Blanchard

Peggy Miley

Barbara Perry

Marlowe Peyton

Jared S. Gilmore

Christine Lozano

Shoniqua Shandai

Carter Sand

Frank Welker

Manos Gavras

Lili Mirojnick

Beverly Polcyn

Jason Babinsky

Chalo Gonzalez

Donna Ponterotto

Art Frankel

Elisabeth Abbott

Bobbie Bates

Riley B. Smith

Donal Lgue

The Key Takeaways

These are some of the movies that you can watch during your pregnancy. We bet all of them will surely teach you something. In addition to this, you will also get some time with yourself. How about watching some of them during your free time? You will have a fun time and pregnancy period won’t be a painful experience.

If you want to find out more about pregnancy movies, seek the internet for the same. You will come across some absolute favorite ones.

We hope this piece has been useful in understanding the pregnancy movies you can watch. Pick the genre and get started. After all, pregnant ladies should also have fun. So, how about your favorite food and movie this time? Get on the bed, put on a movie, and enjoy lady. The time will go easily and you won’t feel depressed or sad during pregnancy. The pregnancy time will pass by safely and you won’t experience sadness until and unless you are watching the right moveis ya! Get started without any further delay. What are you waiting for? Christmas?