While most mommies-to-be appreciate how precious the maternity stage is, you don’t always feel that special maternal glow everyone insists pregnant women have. Capturing this one-in-a-lifetime moment of your family with maternity pictures is important, but you need to follow a few simple tips to ensure your maternity pictures will turn out great.

  1. Find a photographer you click with. Your maternity picture photographer should make you feel comfortable, set you at ease and hopefully make you laugh. It really helps when your photographer “gets” you since that will show through maternity pictures.
  2. Figuring out what to wear for maternity pictures can be frustrating. The key is to focus first on finding comfortable maternity clothes. Eliminate anything that pinches, is tight or rides up in odd places. You do not want to be uncomfortable during your maternity photography shoot because it will show through your body language on camera, making for very awkward photos. Once you have selected comfortable clothes then find the cute maternity clothing in that pile! Try to choose clothing you like and wear often. It doesn’t matter if they are jeans, a hip maternity dress or even yoga pants, just go with what feels most like you!
  3. Incorporate your family into the maternity pictures. Have some maternity shots done with your partner, have other children listen to your baby bump or incorporate your mom or grandma into the mix. Whoever means the world to you and your baby, get them in on the fun!
  4. Have fun! You will only be pregnant with this child once, so make sure you get the pictures you really want. It’s amazing time and you’ll want to remember it.