If you’re like most people, a visit to the dentist is not at the top of your list of favorite things to do. Anxiety about dental or doctor visits is common. However, for a large number of Americans, the thought of a dental visit evokes more intense feelings, from anxiety to intense fear.

If you’re dealing with dental anxiety, fear no more! There’s a lot you can do to help get past your anxiety to get the dental care that you need and deserve.

Find a Dentist You Trust

It pays to do research. Within each dental specialty, you can find practices that are sensitive to patients with dental phobia. Begin your search for dentists in your area. You may need to narrow it down to a particular specialty, such as bone grafting West Palm Beach FL. From there, you can check out the website and read reviews. Take special note of reviews from patients with dental anxiety.

Share Your Concerns

Dentists are there to help, and they want to make your experience as pleasant as possible. However, they can only help if you let them know how you’re feeling. By sharing your concerns, you give the dental staff a chance to share information about what to expect and discuss options for comfort during your procedure.

Research Your Care Options

Find out what types of comfort amenities your dentist offers. Common options include headphones to block out sounds, dark glasses to cut down on light and warm blankets or neck pillows. Simply knowing that you have these options can help alleviate nervousness.

If you’re still nervous despite these comfort measures, you may want to consider some form of sedation. There is a wide range of options, from light sedation in the form of a pill or nitrous oxide all the way to “twilight sleep” or general anesthesia.

If you’ve been putting off oral health care, there’s no better time to make an appointment and formulate a plan with your dentist to take care of your smile.