You’re close friends with an art aficionado, but you haven’t thought about art since grade school. Maybe the opposite is true. Maybe you’re the artsy one in your group of friends, and you need to convince everyone of the benefits of visual art. Whichever type of person you identify with, there are plenty of things to do if you want to make art, shop for art, or look at art.

Take Classes

Look around for places that hold art classes. You can often find offerings at libraries, community centers, and even universities. Just as there’s a wide range of locations, there are many classes to choose from. Classes in pottery and stonecutting can offer three-dimensional work. If you want to make a finished product by the end of an evening, think about going to a guided painting night with your friends—with or without wine.

Shop for Handmade Art

Sometimes, it’s fun to go to outdoor arts markets and speak to artists while looking at different pieces of artwork. Tables will have handcrafted jewelry, handmade wood products Wilbraham MA, and other creative works. Since arts markets and craft shows aren’t held during every time of year, plan to explore small shops with your friends. Many craftspeople have online sites, so if you know what your friends like, this is an ideal way to show support for artists while getting a gift, too.

Visit Museums

Museums offer membership plans, student discounts, and some even hold free days. If you don’t want to buy anything, but simply want to discover new works, a museum is an ideal destination. There’s likely an art museum that caters to your interests because some museums have contemporary art, others showcase ancient artwork, and others have regional work.

Find out which opportunities exist in your area of town and fill your calendar with art excursions.