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Online activities have made kids vulnerable to online predators. Therefore, parents are reluctant enough to monitor the online activities of the children. The cellphone devices connected to cyberspace are the root cause of the inappropriate activities among the young generation. Nowadays, kids and teens are used to downloading social messaging apps, online dating applications, and do browsing activities on the cellphone installed browsers.

Instant messaging apps enable kids to make text conversations with strangers, share photos, videos, voice messages, and voice video calls. Social apps are dangerous for children because they can interact with strangers online. Moreover, young teens are more likely to use dating platforms on cellphones and get trapped by online predators. So, parents want to record the screen of the kid’s phone using best screen recorder.

What is TheOneSpy best screen recorder? 

It is an application that empowers you to get access to the target cellphone device and screen recording is one of its best features to date. You can install the app on the target device and get access to the online web portal where you need to activate the screen recorder tool. It records the videos of the screen in a series and uploads it to the online dashboard. Furthermore, it is packed with dozens of other sets of features that empowers you to monitor the target cellphone device to the fullest.

 You can use apart from screen recordings like screenshots, keystrokes, social media monitoring, internet history, and GPS location tracking. Moreover, users can use read messages, remote features to block phone calls, messages, and internet access on the target device. The application is user –friendly and you can install it on the target device for digital parenting. Every feature is well-built and capable of unveiling the target device activities on the dashboard. For more details keep visiting its customer support chat. 


It is compatible with phones and with the tablet devices running with the Android operating systems. You can use it on the target device secretly and remotely up to OS version 10 and above devices.

How to use TheOneSpy screen recording app?

Gone are the days when parents remain helpless keeping to an eye on the kid’s cellphone device connected to cyberspace. Now you can use the TOS official webpage and get the subscription of the mobile phone monitoring app. You will receive a password and ID via email. Now you need to get physical access on the target device to start the process of installation. You need to complete the process of installation successfully and activate it on the target device. You can use the password and ID and get access to the online dashboard and activate the features you need. Let’s discuss the features in the following that empower you to record the screen and to monitor activities that happened on the kid’s phone to the fullest.

Use TheOneSpy Features to monitor kid’s online

Live screen recording

You can use the online web control panel of the android spy no root app and activate the live screen recorder. It functions in a way that records back to back short videos of the screen and send the recorded videos to the online web portal. You can use the live screen recording software to get chrome screen recording, SMS, social media, browsing activities, and email screen recording. Users can get access to the online dashboard where you can watch all the recorded videos of the kid’s phone screen and get to know about the activities online.


Users can remotely get access to the cellphone device screen and schedule screenshots at once. It empowers you to capture multiple screenshots and send them to the online dashboard.

IM’s social media

Users can read the logs of social messaging apps running on the target device using a social media messenger tracking app. You can get the logs of text messages, chat conversations, audio-video calls, voice messages, and multimedia sharing.

Call recording

You can record live phone calls incoming and outgoing on kid’s phone using secret call recorder software.

Keystrokes logger

Users can remotely track all the keystrokes applied to the target device using keystrokes logger software. You can get the keystrokes of messages, messenger, password, and email keystrokes.


TheOneSpy is packed with the best live screen recording software that empowers parents to monitor kid’s online activities.