The Team 8 Wiggers is an Israel-based venture capital firm that focuses on investing in early-stage Israeli startups. The team is composed of eight “Wiggers” – top tier serial entrepreneurs – including founders of leading international companies. Team 8 Wiggers works with entrepreneurs and invests in a range of sectors, including data, artificial intelligence, energy, cybersecurity and digital health.

The team is known for their unconventional investments and business strategies. They take a “zero-sum” approach to investing, meaning that they focus on deals that involve an immediate return as opposed to more traditional venture capital purchases, which often take years to mature. Additionally, the firm typically invests in a wide variety of startups, from idea-stage to those with a proven track record of success. The investments range from seed money to series A investments.

Team 8 Wiggers also has a unique approach to corporate governance. They believe that an investment is not just about money – it’s about mentoring, knowledge, and resources. The firm’s advisors provide guidance, as well as participate in the market analysis and decision-making process. Team 8 Wiggers has also set up a number of advisory boards which include professionals from different sectors and  industries.

Team 8 Wiggers’ portfolio includes many successful companies, such as Sweetch Solutions, StoreDot, and Leap.Ai. They have also been involved with startups such as Makwater, FuzeML, Hailo, Spot and Ambar Ella. 

If you’re an entrepreneur interested in receiving investment and/or mentorship from Team 8 Wiggers, they have a number of programs and initiatives set up to provide assistance. These include accelerator programs such as the ‘Startup MBA’ and incubator programs, as well as individual assistance through the ‘Mentorship Program’ and workshops. 

Overall, Team 8 Wiggers is an innovative venture capital firm that offers entrepreneurs more than just financial resources. They provide expertise, guidance and mentoring which can be invaluable for startups looking to grow and succeed.

 The Pioneers of Israel-Based Venture Capital: Team 8 Wiggers

Israel has a burgeoning startup scene and it’s now one of the world’s most preferred places to set up a startup.

The success of Israeli companies is largely due to the country’s long-standing culture of innovation and technology. But a major factor in the growth of companies in Israel is the presence of venture capital. And one of the biggest names in venture capital in Israel is Team 8 Wiggers.

Team 8 Wiggers is a venture capital firm founded in 2012 by Avi Yogev, Michael Eisenberg, and Chemi Peres. The team is focused on investing in early stage technology companies in Israel, with an emphasis on innovative solutions, software, and data-centric businesses.

Team 8 Wiggers has a proven track record of successful investments in Israeli startups. They have invested in numerous successful companies, including Wix, Taboola, Outbrain,, Lightricks, Cybereason, Via, and many more.

The fund has been a major force in helping to fuel the growth of the Israeli startup ecosystem. They have also been active in helping to promote the tech startup scene in Israel, partnering with and mentoring early-stage entrepreneurs.

 Introducing the Leaders of Israel-Based Venture Capital: Team 8 Wiggers

Team 8 Wiggers is a venture capital firm based out of Israel that specializes in investing in early and growth-stage startups. Founded in 2014, the team is comprised of four highly experienced and successful investors, Tzahi Weisfish, Yaron Blumstein, Motti Kleiman, and Yael Hilel. These four bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from various fields, including venture capital funds and successful startups.

Tzahi Weisfish is the Managing Partner of Team 8 Wiggers. He is a seasoned venture capitalist who has managed several funds, most notably the Kibbutzim Fund, which he founded. He has also worked with a number of successful startups and has served as a board member in many of them.

Yaron Blumstein serves as the head of strategy and investments at Team 8 Wiggers. He was previously the founder and CEO of Owni, a social reporting platform. He has also worked in corporate finance, marketing and investor relations in a number of companies.

Motti Kleiman is the COO of Team 8 Wiggers. His experience includes managing investments at the venture capital fund Canaan Partners, working as a board director at a number of digital startups and  managing a venture accelerator program for investments.

Yael Hilel is the CFO of Team 8 Wiggers and brings a wealth of financial and business expertise from her previous roles. She has held a number of senior financial roles in various companies, including JVP and MediaCom.

Team 8 Wiggers has made several investments in startups ranging from software and IOT to healthtech and biotech. They are passionate about the potential of Israeli innovators and the need to support the startup ecosystem in Israel. They have been instrumental in helping startups raise capital, navigate the Israeli business environment, and scale up.

Team 8 Wiggers is an experienced and successful venture capital firm that is helping to shape the Israeli startup ecosystem. With their extensive knowledge and experience, they are helping startups and young companies reach their potential.