Your well into you eighth month and you are oh so ready for this baby to come. But as ready as you feel don’t forget the babymoon. Whether this is your first child or your third, now is the perfect (and possibly only) time for a baby moon. Pre-baby romance  getaway designed for the last few weeks before your peaceful family life gets way hectic.

For starters you alone can really use this time to relax and unwind to prepare your mind with the non-stop double action thinking you’ll be doing once the baby is born. From there on I don’t think it ever stops. But most importantly this romantic getaway with your spouse is so vital for your relationship. If you think about it your entire pregnancy has been about you and the baby, and when the baby is born it will be all about the baby. A lot of times men become jealous of the new baby or distant with you, possibly because they aren‘t getting your full attention. You can always find ways to involve him but try throwing in some romance before the baby is born. Here are some tips to help you plan for your babymoon.

Skip the airport.
Find a hotel or spa resort within driving distance since you shouldn’t fly or travel far in your third trimester. Besides bigger vacations are nice but tend to be a bit stressful. Try visiting websites like and to check out locations and packages nearby. It might also give you new ideas for a place you haven’t been to.

Budget wisely.
If you’re aching for a week away, start saving. But if you keep it to a weekend, you can spend as little as $300. This way you won’t be worried about the kind of money you’re spending on this getaway knowing that the baby is right around the corner.

Prepare to be pampered.
No champagne or hot tubs on this trip, but just because you’re pregnant there’s still so much you can do. Many packages offer room service, spa treatments, couple massages and other indulgent goodies. Even if you guys are just side by side at the pool, focus on being romantic. Flirt with each other, light candles and leave little notes.

Don’t wait until you’re too uncomfortable to do anything. You want to be able to enjoy this time together. This will definitely be something you won’t regret and your partner will be thankful that you planned something to focus on only the two of you. Be sure to get the most out of this babymoon because your next one might be farther away than you think.