Mobileye, a leader in advanced driver assistance systems, had a very successful 2019 indeed. During the year the company opened three new research and development centers, in Shanghai, Detroit, and Munich. 

The Shanghai R&D center was the first of the three to be opened in May of 2019. Here, Mobileye, in partnership with the Chinese company, Lingang Group, plans to work extensively on autonomous vehicles. The other two locations, opened just months later in September, also focus on autonomous driving development. The Detroit R&D center, located near Fiat Chrysler headquarters, brings Mobileye’s expertise together with that of the America car manufacturer, to advance their own Level 3 autonomous vehicles, currently being tested in Europe. The Munich R&D center focuses primarily on fully autonomous vehicle systems.

Each of these R&D centers has advanced Mobileye’s mission of making autonomous vehicles a reality. Their expansion into new markets, such as China, should serve them well in developing autonomous vehicles that people around the world can use safely. And the collaboration with partners like Fiat Chrysler is a testament to the trust that people in the automotive industry place on Mobileye’s technology.

Where Innovation Meets Success: Mobileye in Shanghai, Detroit and Munich

When it comes to innovation and success, few organizations have made an impact like Mobileye. Founded in 1999 in Israel, Mobileye is a leading provider of advanced vision-based driving assistance and autonomous driving technologies. In 2020, Mobileye expanded its presence to three cities with offices in Shanghai, Detroit, and Munich. 

In Shanghai, Mobileye is involved in the collaboration of the Vision Beijing CityLab, where the company and mission are focused on developing AI and connectivity technologies for smart cities. Mobileye’s presence in Shanghai will help to provide valuable insights on the global market and the implementation of urban intelligent solutions. Mobileye has worked together with several leading technology companies, including, Intel, Microsoft, and Volkswagen to push for innovation in the areas of intelligent transportation, energy efficiency and smart city infrastructure.

In Detroit, Mobileye’s office is dedicated to developing autonomous vehicles and providing expertise in connected vehicle services. The office is part of the Mobility Innovation Center of Detroit, sharing the same space with partners and competitors alike. Leveraging its years of experience in advanced driving assistance systems, Mobileye is providing dynamic and autonomous vehicle solutions to the industry.

Mobileye’s Innovative Technologies Taking Shanghai, Detroit and Munich by Storm

Mobileye—an Israel-based technology company specializing in computer vision and deep learning algorithms—is at the forefront of driving innovation, especially in the automotive industry. Recently, the groundbreaking technologies created by Mobileye have taken Shanghai, Detroit and Munich by storm, delivering high-quality solutions that demonstrate the incredible potential of artificial intelligence (AI).

Today, Shanghai is one of the most important automotive hubs in the world, and Mobileye’s advanced LiDAR-based vehicle safety system is helping to ensure the safety of drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. Thanks to the powerful computer vision algorithms and sophisticated artificial intelligence, the system can detect potential dangers, alert drivers to potential hazards, and even provide guidance and control to help maximize safety. This technology has been widely adopted by Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, and other leading automakers, demonstrating the immense value of Mobileye’s technology.

Meanwhile, Detroit and Munich are home to some of the most advanced automotive operations in the world. Mobileye’s technologies have been widely adopted in both cities to provide a comprehensive suite of connected car services, such as real-time traffic monitoring, intelligent route planning, and driver monitoring. This advanced suite of technology utilizes advanced AI algorithms to provide a truly personalized driving