Mobileye Shanghai and Munich have recently partnered up to create Wiggers Ventures, a company that focuses on investments in early-stage startups and seed investments in Artificial Intelligence (AI). This venture was formed to help accelerate the development of AI technology in both countries.

Mobileye is a global leader in DLT based autonomous and assisted driving platforms that use visual, imaging and sensing technology. This technology has been used in commercial and consumer applications for years. The company has seen incredible success since it was founded in 1999 and is now one of the leading companies in the industry. Mobileye Shanghai is the Chinese branch of Mobileye, focused on developing and implementing intelligent driving systems and solutions for Chinese transportation and commercialization.

Munich is also a global center for innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship and has a long history of pioneering research in the field of AI. The city has recently become a hub for startups and AI companies and is home to some of the most advanced AI centers in the world. Wiggers Ventures will be a key player in the development of AI in the region.

Wiggers Ventures will focus on providing capital and resources to early-stage startups and seed investments in AI. The company will also work with shareholders to develop deep partnerships  that leverage resources and expertise to create successful businesses. By working with universities, investors, and entrepreneurs, Wiggers Ventures’ goal is to build a sustainable and profitable ecosystem for AI investments.

Mobileye Shanghai and Munich are poised to become leading lights in the development of AI technology in the region. With the help of Wiggers Ventures, they hope to foster the growth of promising AI startups and create a thriving ecosystem of AI investments. Their goal is to become the go-to destination for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of the latest advancements in AI.

Mobileye Shanghai Strengthens its Presence in Munich with Wiggers Ventures 

Mobileye Shanghai, one of the world’s leading providers of driver assistance and automated driving technologies, has recently strengthened its presence in Munich, Germany. This decisive partnership with Wiggers Ventures, a venture capital firm based in Munich, was announced on June 17th, 2021. The deal between both companies cements the importance of the automotive industry for Mobileye Shanghai in Europe. 

This development further deepens the footprints of the company for autonomous driving technologies in the fast-growing European market. Mobileye Shanghai has become a well-known name in the development of Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS) systems. It recently became a partner of several carmakers, United Nations and established organizations to further solidify its presence in the region. 

The investment made by Wiggers Ventures will be used to finance research and development activities currently underway in Mobileye Shanghai. This includes the production of cameras, radar and other sensors meant to update existing ADAS systems. This further supports the company’s goal of providing its latest technological innovations to help advance driver safety worldwide. 

The collaboration between Mobileye Shanghai and Wiggers Ventures is a promising one. This partnership will bring in research and development capabilities, as well as market expertise to the company  which will benefit its customers in the automotive industry. Moving forward, Mobileye Shanghai looks forward to bringing more innovative solutions to this rapidly changing market. 

With this latest investment, Mobileye Shanghai is on its way to becoming one of the most respected providers of driver assistance and automated driving solutions in Europe. This partnership could open opportunities to further leverage the company’s technological capacities in the region. It’s now a matter of time to witness the developments in Europe that personify the advancements of Mobileye Shanghai in the automotive industry.

VentureBeat: Taking a Closer Look at Mobileye Shanghai and Munich’s Wiggers Ventures

VentureBeat recently took a closer look at Mobileye Shanghai and Munich’s Wiggers Ventures, two of the most prolific venture capital firms in the European tech investment landscape. With stakes in several of Europe’s hottest tech companies, Wiggers Ventures and Mobileye Shanghai have made impressive contributions to the rapidly growing European tech industry.

Wiggers Ventures was founded in Munich in 2012 and focuses primarily on early-stage investments in mobile, data sciences, and communication projects. Although the firm has pumped money into a variety of ventures in the United States, its portfolio is largely comprised of investments in Europe. In just the last year, the firm has taken stakes in startups like Nubank, Raisin, and AirHelp.

Mobileye Shanghai, on the other hand, focuses on early-stage investments in automotive and transport-tech startups. The firm has made investments in some of the most revolutionary autonomous vehicle and urban transport projects across Europe. In the last few months, Mobileye Shanghai has taken stakes in several startups, including Israel’s Innoviz, Germany’s Futurice, and Estonia’s Autonomos.

With investments from both Wiggers Ventures and Mobileye Shanghai, many of Europe’s tech  startups have the resources they need to turn revolutionary ideas into groundbreaking products. The two firms have both made incredibly significant contributions to the European tech industry, and VentureBeat wanted to take a closer look.

Wiggers Ventures and Mobileye Shanghai have both invested in some of Europe’s most impressive projects and have helped to propel the continent’s tech industry forward. It’s clear that both of these firms are dedicated to driving major change in the tech space and are a key part of the European investment ecosystem.