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We stand, walk, sit, run, and move because of that stiff component of the body which helps us to erect our body. Bones keep our body in an upright position. Also, helps us to do the locomotion. The point where two bones meet makes up a joint. However, each joint can be bent up to a certain limit. The component of the joint limit its movement to protect it from damage due to over bending. In some situations, a sudden hit, injury or disease can cause damage to the joints. A joint may injure due to over bending with pressure or a sudden twist. Immediate treatment from an orthopaedic surgeon is required if such situations occur. Your orthopaedic surgeon will first try to treat the issue with medication. But if the things do not come under control he will recommend joint replacement surgery after a detailed diagnosis. You can have a safe joint replacement surgery in Pakistan

What is joint replacement surgery?

With the advancement in technology and medical equipment, it becomes possible to replace any joint of the body. Joint replacement surgery is of two types. Either it is partial or total joint replacement. In partial joint replacement surgery, only the damaged part of the joint is removed and replaced with an artificial component. Whereas in total joint replacement the whole joint is taken out and replaced with a man-made artificial joint. An artificial joint is made up of metal, ceramics, or plastic. Special care is required after joint replacement surgery. An orthopaedic surgeon keeps the patient under observation to see if any reaction to the artificial parts arises. The most common joint replacement surgery in Pakistan is of the hip, knee, and shoulder.

Hip joint replacement surgery

Anatomy of hip joint

The hip joint attaches the lower body to the upper body. It is made up of two parts, the thigh bone which is also called the femur. The other part is the pelvis which consists of three bones namely the ischium, pubis, and ilium. The acetabulum acts as a socket and the femoral head as a ball thus hip joint forms a ball and socket joint. 

How it may damage?

When we use the hip joint too much the cartilage may damage. Also, with the growing age, some people may develop hip joint issues. Due to overuse muscles and tendons of the hip joint can get damage. Whereas hip bone can break due to a sudden fall or hit. 

Procedure for replacement

Hip joint replacement surgery in Pakistan is performed by experienced orthopaedic surgeons. They use either minimally invasive or standard method of hip joint replacement surgery. in the minimally invasive method, small cuts are made while in the standard method a big incision is made to expose the hip joint. As standard joint replacement requires a huge cut the surgeon gives spinal anaesthesia. With this, the patient fell into temporary sleep and doesn’t feel pain while surgical procedures. 

Then the surgeon makes a long incision on the side of the hip and Exposes the hip joint. The ball of the joint is removed by cutting the thighbone and replaced with an artificial joint. The joint is carefully cemented to remain attached to the thighbone. Afterwards, the damaged cartilage is removed. The man-made ball joint is then inserted into the socket joint. When the whole joint is fixed properly surgeons reattach the muscles and stitch the cut made on the hip. In the minimally invasive method, small cuts are made at distance. This helps in quick recovery and less blood is lost during surgery. 

Knee joint replacement surgery in Pakistan

Anatomy of knee joint

The knee joint is the most important one as it bears the body weight. We can walk, sit, jump because of the knee joint. This joint is the strongest among all other joints. It is also known as a synovial hinge joint. A knee joint is a form at the junction where the tibia, patella, and femur meet. 

How it may damage?

Any injury to the knee joint will cause hurdles in walking, running, sitting, etc. It is the most common pain experienced by many people, especially with growing age. An injury, disease, or age factor can lead to knee joint pain. Arthritis is the main reason for knee pain in old age people. A sudden hit to the knee joint, while it is bent, can cause serious injuries. Ligaments, cartilage, or even knee bone can get damage.  

Procedure for replacement

The knee joint replacement surgery in Pakistan takes one to two hours. The orthopaedic surgeon makes a long incision right above the knee to reach the knee joint. He pulls aside the skin and muscles above the knee to expose the knee joint. The surgeon removes the damaged cartilage or bone. Then he will either use artificial knee joint components made of plastic, metal, or ceramics to replace the damaged part. Specially designed pins, bone cement, and screws are used to fix the components in place. This is partial knee replacement surgery where only a component is replaced. When the damage is severe and the whole knee joint needs to be replaced then total knee replacement surgery is carried out in which the damaged knee joint is replaced with an artificial knee. 

Shoulder joint replacement surgery in Pakistan

Anatomy of shoulder joint

The shoulder joint connects the scapula to the humerus bone i.e. a bone in the upper arm. The shoulder joint works like a ball and socket joint. It is a very stable and mobile joint in the body. the shoulder joint is a major connection between the arms and torso of the human body

How it may damage?

For pulling, pushing, lifting, and throwing we depend on our shoulder joint. It helps us to perform so many activities with hands and arms. Unlike all other joints in the body, the shoulder joint gives a wide range of movement. It is flexible thus not much stable. So that’s why it gets damaged easily with a sudden jerk, hit, sudden fall, or forceful wrong bending. The shoulder injury is much common in athletes or Young people. 

Procedure for replacement

The damaged part which mostly includes the head of the humerus bone is replaced in shoulder joint replacement surgery in Pakistan. This removed part is replaced with a prosthesis. The prosthesis is artificial components made up of metal, ceramic, or plastic. In some cases when damage is severe the whole joint is replaced. In this, both ball and socket are removed and replaced with artificial components. 


Joints are very important for movement. We need to care for them as much we could. If joint pain starts to try to cure it immediately as it may get worse with little ignorance. there so many orthopaedic doctors who can perform joint replacement surgery in Pakistan. Consult them to keep your bones and joints healthy.