Instead of the traditional floor stove, the oven and the stove are increasingly procured separately. A separate or furniture oven can be installed under the hob in a lower cabinet or at a suitable height so that you can see inside the oven without bending over. Separate ovens are safe, especially for families with children, because small children do not reach out to open the oven.


The new oven models have numerous model-specific special functions. For example, in the defrost function, the oven uses only the recirculated air feature or in addition low heat. For savoury or sweet pastries, a crispy base is obtained with the lower heat or pizza function. Some models have steam oven functions combined. Actual steam ovens are also available, which may also have convection oven features. The majority of new oven models also have a traditional constant heat function.


Automatic frying functions may include a frying thermometer that detects the target temperature of the food to be cooked, after which the oven will automatically alarm or switch itself off. The oven can also be able to select the baking time and temperature when it is fed with the information and weight of the raw material to be cooked.

Oven types

Some furnaces are able to clean themselves by pyrolysis. In pyrolysis, the oven momentarily heats up to about 500 degrees and burns the dirt off. Finally, the ashes are removed from the oven.


Different types of ovens include

traditional electric oven

convection oven

steam oven


Traditional electric oven

Many are accustomed to a traditional, constant-temperature electric oven, the so-called upper-lower oven. Today, evenly heated basic ovens are only available in floor-cast cast iron stoves.

Convection oven

Usually, all new furniture or separate furnaces have a recirculating air function, which saves energy thanks to efficient heating. In a convection oven, the upper and lower resistors heat up, and the fan rotates the hot air evenly to every corner of the oven. The oven does not need preheating, the baking time is shorter and the sufficient temperature is about 20 degrees lower than when using an upper and lower oven. You can bake several tins in the oven at one time. Recirculated air can also be used to defrost foods and dry vegetables, for example.


The pros and cons

+ saves electricity

+ ergonomic option when installed in furniture

– the cooking times of the recipes may be different from normal, as in a convection oven the cooking time is shorter than in the upper and lower oven and the cooking temperature is lower.


Steam oven

In the steam oven, the food is cooked at a low temperature by steaming, which preserves the structure of the raw material and the vitamins as well as possible. The steam oven can be a separate function of its appliance or a regular oven.


The pros and cons

+ maintain healthy vitamins and trace elements in food

+ fast and easy to use

– expensive compared to other ovens.



A microwave oven is rarely the only oven in the economy, but it makes cooking easier. The micro is convenient, for example, for defrosting frozen foods, heating ready-made food and cooking fish and vegetables. Old microphones should be checked at a home appliance service center for radiation leakage.

The pros and cons

+ suitable for fast cooking or defrosting

+ saves electricity

– without the hood, food easily splashes on the walls of the microwave

– The use of metal containers is prohibited or not recommended, depending on the device model, because microwaves do not penetrate the metal.


Also clean the oven door and insulation.

Use oven cleaners according to the instructions. Protect your hands with rubber gloves and do not breathe substances.

Sources: Marttaliitto, Occupational Safety Association


Things to consider when choosing a stove and oven

My cooking habits and needs . Do you want an easy-to-use basic device or are you ready to learn how to use different functions?

Device size . In a kitchen renovation, it may be possible to change to a different sized sludge or oven, but the old appliance will probably need to be replaced with the same size.

Ergonomics . A built-in oven is the best option for the visually impaired. A working level higher than the floor is also convenient for pet households and families with children.

Ecology . There are clear differences in the energy consumption of stoves and ovens. A ceramic hob consumes less electricity than cast iron. Convection and microwave ovens save energy in ovens.

Cleaning . The ceramic hob must always be cleaned after use, but it is easy to sweep and clean with tools. Cast iron plates for a traditional stove often require rubbing.

Add-ons and operating instructions. Our accessories and spare parts available and are they cheap? Are the instructions clear?

They increase the operational safety of the stove and ovenĀ 

safety timer

child lock

cooker hood


landing space next to the stove

good lighting

regular cleaning, inspection, and maintenance

control of the hob on

closing the oven carefully

teaching safe use to children as well.