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Do you get nervous while talking with people? Do you avoid most social gatherings? Are you get afraid when see lots of people?

If any of the above you are experiencing then you surely suffering from social anxiety or we can also call it a social phobia.

Normal people love to attain social gatherings. They love to spend time with friends. They love to hang out with them. They meet new people every day and make new friends. All these things are normal for normal people.

But the opposite happens with the people who are suffering from social anxiety.

Social anxiety is a very serious problem. It’s a clash between mental health and physical health.

Symptoms of Social Anxiety

The most common and regular symptoms of social anxiety are – extreme sweating, not able to speak properly, shivering, nervousness, feeling shy, feeling like need to go pee or poop (butterflies in the stomach). These symptoms are easily seen by others but the person who is suffering from it can’t.

A person who is suffering from social anxiety only thinks about one thing i.e. “what other people are thinking about me?” Am I looking good? Is my makeup okay? Am I overdressed? Am I talking too much? Am I eating properly? And so on. These thoughts keep going on their mind.

If you are experiencing the same symptoms then have you ever thought of controlling it? If not then you must.

Here we will tell you some important suggestions to control your social anxiety and if you have an extreme level of social phobia then you can take the help of psychologist gold coast.

  • Control Your Negative Thoughts

If you keep on thinking of negative thoughts then try to overcome with positive thoughts.

Such as – “I’m looking pretty”, instead of thinking this you can also think “I’m looking confident and looking good”.

Always compare your negative thoughts with positive thoughts. By doing so you can control your negativity and can easily deal with the situations.

  • Think About the Things That Make You Happy

There are so many social gatherings that you want to avoid. But what if I tell you should go there. Yes, you should attend the social gathering which makes you uncomfortable, by doing so you will boost up your confidence level.

Here comes the trick when you have so many people surrounding you and you are suddenly experiencing any social anxiety symptoms then start thinking of the things that make you happy. It can be your favourite food, dress, friend, or any special thing. Using this technique you can feel happy and at the same time, social pressure feels nothing for you.

  • Skip Your Negative Thoughts

You have complete 24 hours in a day. You only need 8 hours of sleep and the rest of the hours you can work. In your working hours just skip the negative thoughts if you are having any. Tell your mind, “we will talk about it later”, by experimenting with this thing you can easily skip the negative thoughts.

At starting, it won’t be easy but after some time it will become your habit. In this way, you can rescue yourself from negative thoughts.

  • Control Your Breathing

Controlling your breathing can do miracles for your health. Doing deep breathing is good for mental health as well as physical health.

For Example – Going for an interview and suddenly you are feeling nervous. What to do? Just sit straight, try to adjust your breathing, and start deep breathing slowly yet steadily. In this way, you will feel more confident and relax.