Is your kid lucky enough to be born at such a magical time of the year and share his or her birthday with Jesus Christ? It calls for a double celebration. Though your kid will always live in a dilemma, I feel it is a very lucky day to have one’s birthday. As we all know that Christmas falls on 25th, making it a very auspicious day all over the world. It definitely makes it a very special day to celebrate bday. Besides being a very lucky birthday, sharing bday with Christmas can still feel like going on a school trip on a Sunday. Two best things but in a single day, nobody wants it to happen. But sadly, there is not much you can do, only make the day enjoyable. 

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There are a list of other reasons why Christmas birthdays are not a very popular choice, like everyone is out of money during this season, so you have to make peace with fewer gifts. Then, people tend to forget your bday easily mostly because they are involved in Christmas chaos. As if this was not enough, most of the kids are either busy or going to their grandparent’s place to celebrate Christmas, so they are not able to attend the birthday party. But all is okay when your parents try to make it a special day for you and all you get to hear is “you must be god’s favorite”, or “wow birthday on Xmas, you must be really special’, all year long.  So, if your kid’s birthday falls on the 25th, order cake online and check out some ideas on how you can make the celebration special. 

Decorate Christmas bday tree

Christmas trees are a staple piece of any ordinary family that celebrates Christmas, it is an element that alone can describe the Christmas feels. so it is something that should be considered with respect to any December birthday celebrations that you may have in your family. Clearly, it is senseless to eliminate the tree, all things considered, it is Christmas, and Christmas wouldn’t be the equivalent without a Christmas tree. Along with it, why not combine the two events and embellish the Christmas tree with some birthday decorations as well. Truly, birthday decorations are accessible everywhere in the world and can be put on Christmas trees for those young lads and young ladies who were born on this day. 


Stick to birthday wrapping paper

When wrapping gifts for your kid, make sure that you don’t use Christmas themed paper. No kid needs to get their birthday presents on occasion wrapping paper. For a certain something, it would seem that you just pulled one of their Christmas presents free from the tree and are attempting to make it look like a birthday present. In addition, it causes them to feel like you were unable to choose a gift wrap explicitly for them or even a gift. Actually, no, it isn’t alright to pick a strong red or green paper with the same token as it will give the same impression. You cannot trick your kid like this, and even if you bought a separate gift, it may give an impression of a Christmas gift just because of the paper. So, stick to a normal wrapping paper so that your kid can feel that his or her bday is as important as Xmas. 

Birthday cake, not Christmas cake

Since all of us are busy in the Christmas chaos and Christmas treats, it is very easy to forget the birthday cake. But don’t make this mistake or take it lightly that you will serve other treats for desserts. A birthday cake is very important. So get Lilies flower bouquet delivery if you don’t find enough time to go and buy a birthday cake, but don’t think of skipping it. 

Half bday, half Xmas

Now that you have landed on the earth when the world was celebrating, you have to manage. You can neither shift bday nor Christmas, make peace with both. You can celebrate both of them if you divide your celebration into half. Celebrating half birthdays are the most common thing that Christmas borns have to do. You can organise your kid’s birthday party in the first half of the day. Like call his or her friends and organise food, games, and everything required for the birthday celebration. Then, the other half can be saved for the Christmas celebration. In the evening you can call your friends. The best thing is that the decorations can solve the purpose of two parties and you will be prepared with the food before your Christmas party. 

These are some ways you can celebrate your kid’s bday when it falls on Christmas day and make it special.