Rie from the K-pop group Tasty is one of the most popular idols around. As a result, fans want to know all about her, including her age. Well, we’re happy to say that Rie is quite young! She was born on November 9, 1997, making her 22 years old at the time of this writing. 

Despite her young age, Rie is already making waves with her voice and performances. She made her official debut with the group Tasty in 2012, and since then she’s been seen in various music videos and reality shows. She’s become a fan favorite, and her age may have something to do with it. 

Rie may be young, but she’s also a very talented vocalist. She’s able to hit some amazing high notes and her range is incredible. She’s also very fun to watch on stage, as her energy and enthusiasm really stand out. 

It’s no wonder that fans can’t get enough of Rie from Tasty! We can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

Discover How Old Rie from Tasty Is

Rie, commonly known as the Queen of Korean food, is the matriarch of the YouTube and broadcast show Tasty. She is beloved for her many delicious Korean dishes and her warm, inviting personality. But just how old is Rie?

Rie is currently in her sixties and was born in 1954 in South Korea. She moved to America when she was young, with her family. Since then, she has dedicated her life to perfecting and teaching traditional Korean cooking.

Rie became famous in her mid-fifties when she released her YouTube channel  “Rie’s Tasty Bake TV,” where she would teach viewers to cook deliciously traditional Korean dishes. Her storytelling and charisma caught the attention of many viewers. 

She eventually became the head chef and host of the popular television show, Tasty. Rie is able to teach her audience not only how to make traditional recipes, but also how to honor their culture through food.

Since then, Rie has become an inspiration to food-lovers everywhere. By leading the way to authentic Korean cuisine, she has made a real long-lasting impact on millions of people around the world. 

 Finding Out How Old Rie from Tasty Is

Rie from Tasty, popular South Korean cooking show, is a fan-favorite. She has been on the show for over six years and has countless devoted fans. Many people, however, are curious about her age. Fortunately, with a bit of research, finding out how old Rie from Tasty is can be quite easy. 

It is well known that Rie from tasty is a very private person and does not share too much about her personal life, but she has let slip a few things over the years that have helped narrow down her age. To start, we know that she has a young son and has been married since at least 2017, if not before. This gives us a rough estimate that she is somewhere between 35-40 years old. 

Rie also states in her personal profile that she started her culinary journey at the age of 25. Assuming that she is talking about the same time frame as when she started appearing on Tasty, would bring her age to somewhere between 40-45.  

Finally, Rie’s celebrity chef status has helped her amass a large following, with many speculating her age. As such, it has been confirmed from reliable sources that Rie from tasty was born  in 1983, making her around 37 this year. 

In conclusion, with some careful research, it is quite evident that Rie from tasty is now 37 years old. For even further insight, be sure to check out her personal profile or Tasty program for upcoming interviews and further details about her life.