Recent research revealed that India’s refrigerator market is set to experience a CAGR of 9.3% between 2020 and 2026. Thanks to the growing economy, and a boost in demand for smart electronic devices, the overall market is receiving substantial developments with regards to innovation and technology. 

Loaded with numerous features, the latest refrigerator models are quite different from the traditional ones. Since the demand for smart devices is increasing, top-selling brands are also coming up with technologically advanced models to fulfil these requirements. While the LG refrigerator double door has been the conventional choice for individuals looking for budget-friendly fridges, latest InstaView door-in-door models by LG are for new-age buyers, looking to upgrade their smart homes. 

Following is an overview of some smart technologies that had vital roles to play in this shift of buyers’ demands. 

Key technological advancements in smart refrigerators

Popular models like Godrej refrigerator, LG smart refrigerator, Samsung refrigerator, etc., are now equipped with several compelling features, such as:


  • Seasonal mode


This particular feature keeps the refrigerator off without any changes in its functionality. Especially when your fridge does not have adequate food left, this attribute comes as a proper solution. All the latest popular models, including the LG double door refrigerator, are equipped with this feature. 


  • LED lighting


Most of the latest refrigerator models are equipped with LED lighting, which inevitably brings about energy efficiency. This particular system emits 10 times lesser heat and 20 times less power than the traditional lights. 

This eco-technology driven feature not only helps save money on electricity bills but also keep food immune and unaffected from temperature swings. 


  • StayCool or cooling gel technology


From Godrej refrigerators to Samsung models, all the reputed brands have incorporated the cooling gel technology to keep the food frozen and fresh without power for a specific period. During power cut situations, it comes to the rescue and prevents your food from damage.


  • Digital inverter compressor


Being one of the most significant innovations, digital inverter compressor comes with 7 adjustable speeds to meet different kinds of cooling requirements. Samsung smart refrigerator, LG double door refrigerator models, etc., are equipped with this particular attribute. 

Due to such developments, the price range across all the reputed brands has shifted upwards over the years. Contemporary features like connecting the refrigerator with a smartphone, 3D airflow, dual fan, etc. have automatically increased the price of all the high-end models from different brands. 

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The rising disposable income and a general inclination towards technological upgrade have pushed more consumers to opt for smart refrigerators these days. Further, with flexible repayment facilities, affording these smart refrigerators have become hassle-free.