Before going directly to the games for baby shower remember some important tips …

Baby showers are celebrations that must be filled with joy and fun, so that the future mother remembers these last moments of her pregnancy for the rest of her life.

Something that is done very commonly is to organize different games in the baby shower, which always have to do with the pregnancy and the birth of the child. Or they are simply for the fun of the guests. For starters, you can find games for a baby shower, which are actually games commonly used, but they are given the theme of baby and birth.

For example this can happen with the famous baby shower game called Tutti-Frutti, which is about choosing a number of topics that refer of course to the theme of baby shower, for example they can be girl names, boy names, brands of baby clothes, baby stuff (such as cribs, diapers, baby bottles) baby foods, etc., this is up to the decision of who will play the game. Then one of the participants begins to think about the alphabet, at the speed of time you want, and another must stop it. Whoever thought of the alphabet should announce the letter in which it was left, and the entire sheet should be completed with the requested information, according to the letter that touched on that turn.

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In this way, whoever completes all the subjects first must stop the others, and thus the points must begin to be counted. Each person who has a word like others must have five points, who wrote a word that no one else wrote should have ten points, and on the other hand, who wrote a word on a topic that nobody completes deserves twenty points.

The game continues until the letters are exhausted or the desire to play and then the points are added. This is one of the most fun and easy to organize baby shower games, since, unlike other baby shower games, it only requires the use of paper and pen for each participant. On the other hand, you can find games for baby shower that do not require absolute organization. For example:

Game for baby shower 2

One widely used is to guess the size of the future mother’s belly. This is done by giving each participant a large amount of tape and scissors. They should cut the loop where they think it is the measure of the mother’s pansa, who guesses or gets closer to the result, is the winner. The most convenient baby shower games are those that do not require any organization, or that do not require the purchase of a large number of materials. Another example is the game called “memory.” This is one of the most used baby shower games, and is done by putting different baby items on a tray, such as diapers, baby bottles, clothes, booties, etc., and the tray must pass through all the areas of the party, to that each guest can see what it contains.

After a few minutes, the tray is hidden and all participants are asked to write what they remember it contained. Whoever had the most success wins the game. On the other hand you can find a game, which is made using the gifts that were delivered at the baby shower, they must be entirely wrapped either in wrapping paper, as in newspaper, and to play it the mother must sell the eyes until it becomes impossible to see, and using touch you must guess what each gift consists of.

You can also play by guessing who was the one who gave each gift. These games for baby shower are very entertaining, and at the same time a very fun and special way to open gifts. Finally, a very fun game, and that is one of the most used, is the pious baby. It involves dividing the participants into two or more groups, and a group must decide whether it is a phrase, a word or something related to babies, and this word should be reported to only one member of another group, who He must make it known to his teammates, using only a blackboard and a marker. This game can cause a lot of fun and laughter among the participants. Keep in mind that these are just some of the many baby shower games that we will be delivered weekly.