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When wounds heal, stubborn scars appear. To get them removed, the sufferer needs to undergo special treatment. So far numerous methods have been developed for reconstructing the damaged skin. In this blog, we’ll break down the factors to consider before scar removal.

Treatment options for scars

Scar formation is an inevitable process that everyone has to deal with. But luckily, we can reduce the appearance of scars in a variety of ways.

  1. Laser is the easiest way to make scars less prominent. The process of reducing scars with laser is also known as laser scar removal. It is basically a cosmetic procedure that uses laser light to improve the very first layer of the skin. It works by removing the upper damaged skin and increasing the collagen amount inside. The process in turn reduces the scars and evaluates the overall tone and texture. It should be pointed out that it is not a single procedure that delivers the desired results, you need to take multiple sessions to make a notable difference. The number of laser treatments depends largely on the location of the injury, and the depth of the scars.
  2. You can try chemical peels if your scars are superficial. It utilizes mild acids to eradicate the damaged skin, revealing a clearer, smoother, and more beautiful skin non-invasively. In general, chemical peels fall into three categories deep, medium, and superficial. The sufferer should meet the doctor to find out which best suits your needs. Anyway, when it comes to chemical peels recovery, the skin can take up to fourteen days to heal. You may also need to stop smoking, drinking, and strenuous exercises during the recovery period.
  3. Scars can be reduced with Dermabrasion. It is an effective and popular skin rejuvenation treatment. The dermatologist will use a wire brush to exfoliate the skin. While it is a cost-effective treatment, you should know that it has some side-effects. Patients are likely to experience skin discolouration, infection, redness, swelling, and soreness in the treated site for at least two weeks.
  4. If your scars are too deep, you must go for surgical scar removal. In this treatment, the doctor will remove or modify the scar tissues with the help of a scalpel. Anyway, for this procedure, it is important to see an experienced surgeon otherwise, severe complications such as infection, bleeding, etc. may occur.

Is scar removal too expensive? The cost of best scar removal varies between patients depending on the treatment option, size, and depth of the scar and the professional. You will be provided with the exact cost at the initial consultation i.e. after diagnosis, and health assessment.

Dermabrasion is the best approach for you. The key benefits include 1) Reduces stubborn scars to a greater extent 2) Increases collagen production 3) Can also help boost or improve the self-confidence

How to prepare for scar removal. If you’re using retinol products, it would be wise to discontinue use a week before scar removal. Intense items can destruct the skin, so milder is the key. In addition, you should also avoid excessive sun exposure at least 72 hours before the treatment. In order words, you should be at the clinic with clean, hydrated skin, and the best health.

Find out if you a good candidate or not. Though scar removal is good for many different skin tones and textures, it’s important to let the skin expert decide whether or not the selected technique is right. Just be sure to ask the doctor some questions about the procedure, along with the details regarding the previous client’s skin reactions, and then go ahead if you are comfortable with those answers.

You will instantly notice how better your scars look. While you might experience a bit of redness right after the treatment, but once it subsides, you will notice a significant improvement. However, we recommend having scar removal multiple times to achieve long-lasting results. 

It’s imperative to keep the skin hydrated after getting any procedure. We recommend applying moisturizing lotions immediately following the treatment and whenever it seems like your skin is dehydrating. We also suggest avoiding other skin treatments for at least two to three months. 

Scar removal surgery has some downtime. You will need to avoid the gym, and strenuous exercises for at least 48 hours. Why? The treated site will take time to heal, especially if you underwent scar removal surgery. So, it’s important to avoid any task that can result in sweating and ultimately, infection. Besides, it’s important to keep the skin away from direct sunlight for some time. 

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