If you are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city, then Rooter 8.5m Park in New Delhi is the perfect place for you. Located just 8.5m above ground level, this park is one of the most beautiful parks in the city. With its lush green lawns and numerous trees, it is the perfect destination for a peaceful picnic or even just a relaxing walk.

The park has plenty of seats and benches, so you can comfortably enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. There is also plenty of space for outdoor activities such as kite flying, cycling, and even yoga. The most popular attraction of the park is the beautiful fountain. Visitors to the park can take a leisurely stroll around the fountain and marvel at its beauty.

The park is also home to a variety of birds and wildlife including ducks, peacocks, jays and owls. Bird watching is a popular activity here and there are plenty of wonderful photo opportunities for the avid photographer. The park has a small lake in which visitors can paddle, and there are also marshlands where visitors can get a great view of the lake and its surrounding area.

Overall, Rooter 8.5m Park is  a great place to get away from the city’s hustle and bustle and explore nature. Its lush green lawns, vibrant bird life, and the stunning fountain make this place a must-visit destination in New Delhi. So why not plan a visit soon and explore the unique beauty of this park?

Discover the Adventures Hidden in New Delhi’s Rooter 8.5m Park 

New Delhi is home to one of India’s most unique and exciting parks – Rooter 8.5m Park. This park is the perfect place to explore and discover the hidden adventures that lie within its many attractions. Located in the heart of the city, Rooter 8.5m Park is an off-beaten path that is perfect for those looking to explore the vibrant city of New Delhi. 

The first thing to note about the park is that despite its small size, there’s plenty to do. From gorgeous sunsets to exciting games, Rooter 8.5m Park is the perfect place to indulge in some adventure and fun activities. You can find a range of exciting activities here such as kite flying, rock climbing, bungee jumping, cycling, paintball, and balloon safaris. 

The park also has many hidden gems that you can explore. The lush green landscape is filled with numerous trails, gardens, and footpaths – perfect if you want to unwind and take in the peacefulness of nature. You’ll also find some of India’s oldest trees within the area, which will definitely make your experience that much more special.

For animal lovers, you’ll have the chance to spot rare wildlife like jack birds, mongooses, monitor lizards, and such, as the park has a wide variety of birds and mammals. You can also visit the nearby wetlands, which are ideal for bird watching.

Finally, to make your experience that much more enjoyable, Rooter 8.5m Park has several restaurants, bars, and cafes that you can check out. There’s also a souvenir shop in the main square, so you can take home a memory of your trip!

Rooter 8.5m Park is the perfect place to explore the heart of New Delhi and discover the hidden adventures that await you. So why not join the locals and explore this unique and vibrant park?

 Unearth the Treasures of New Delhi’s Rooter 8.5m Park

New Delhi’s Rooter 8.5m Park is an attraction of its own, and it’s the perfect destination for anyone who wants to experience India’s diverse culture and traditional heritage. The park, located near the Ghazipur Gate, boasts lush green foliage, stunning architecture, and a host of activities for visitors of all ages.

The Rooter 8.5m Park is divided into six sections, with each section offering a unique and interesting experience. Visitors can explore the park’s heritage buildings and exhibits, wander through shaded areas, and take in the breathtaking views of the neighboring Ghazipur Gate.

One of the highlights of the Rooter 8.5m Park is its exotic and interesting animals. The park is home to a large variety of rare and endangered animals, such as Bengal tigers, monal pheasants, and Indian rhinoceroses. Visitors may even catch a glimpse of the famous Royal Bengal Tiger!

In addition to wildlife viewing, the park offers visitors a range of activities such as boat rides and bird watching. Visitors may also enjoy various cultural performances, including traditional music and dance, in the park.

As the evening approaches, the park closes its gates to visitors, but this  does not mean the end of the fun. Rooter 8.5m Park also offers night safaris for guests, who can take advantage of the rare opportunity to see the park in the night. During this tour, visitors can hear the stirring call of nocturnal animals, witness the magical transformation of the park’s landscape and get close to nature in a truly unique and exciting way. 

The Rooter 8.5m Park is truly a hidden gem in New Delhi. With its stunning backdrop, incredible wildlife and range of activities, it’s the perfect way to discover the hidden treasures of India. So, if you’re looking for a unique and memorable experience, this is an ideal destination to add to your bucket list!