In eCommerce, marketing requires measured and balanced strategy, likewise effective and scalable shipping and packaging is crucial. Every business owner puts in a lot of efforts to provide their customers with the best services and keep them happy.

Delivery service is the most important service in any eCommerce industry. At the end, all that matters is to be able to provide consistent, delightful and reliable product delivery experience.

With little planning and creativity, we can not only provide good logistics experience but also a happening brand experience. Shipping plays a crucial role in branding and customer service as the customers experience the products in person.

Things to consider while packing your products

Packaging Material requirement:

There are numerous packaging options available in the market, including Polyurethane bags, postal bags, cardboard boxes, packaging tubes and more. Apart from this, there is a wide variety of supporting material like filler and cushioning material, sealing tapes, etc to enhance your packaging and to keep the product safe during transit.

Choose the right packaging material keeping in mind the shape, size, weight and fragility. You must be thinking why there is a need of using supporting materials such as wraps, cushioning or sealing.

  • Wrapping and cushioning will ensure that items are safe from any harm or get damage during loading and shifting of the packaging.
  • Fillers such as packaging peanuts, crumpled paper or styrofoam are used to fill the space present inside the box to keep the items intact while shipping.
  • Sealing tapes are another very essential part of the packaging. It is important to properly seal your packet before shipping so that it does not open accidentally on the way before customer receives it.

All these precautions will help you in improving your customer experience.

Procedure for Shipping

Shipping Carrier:
Shipping carrier keeps track of all the activity related to logistics. There are different shipping options which a consumer or a retailer/merchant can choose. The types of methods differ from rates based on weights, location and services such as speed.

Things to consider while choosing a shipping carrier

Price: It is important to compare service providers based on price. Consider discounts on shipping for bulk delivery or using extensions.

Weight Limits: Before taking decisions to check their rules and regulations regarding the weight limits. If they have any limit, does your package to be shipped qualify that limit.

Delivery experience: Every carrier has unique offerings and services for delivering packages to customers and for the benefits of your business.

Special Requirements for delivering products: Will they be able to fulfil your requirements? For example, if you have a food-related business or you want your products to be delivered in a certain special way like you want your item to be served cold/hot or something that is too fragile and has to be shipped without any breakage.

Opting for a good shipping carrier is one thing, but the material used for packaging should be of good quality. Packaging Express is a one-stop solution for all your packaging requirements. Explore their wide range of products and choose as per your requirements from cardboard remval boxes to plastic bags.