There’s great news for the sports fans out there. EconomicTimes has officially joined hands with Rooter to invest 8.5 million dollars in Delhi-based Park, a sports analytics startup. Park is a cloud-based application that provides performance analytics and predictive insights to athletes, coaches and sports teams.

The investment round was led by EconomicTimes, with Rooter also joining as an investor. This marks the first time the two companies have collaborated on a tech startup. The deal will see the EconomicTimes and Rooter investing in Park to help it scale up, expand its platform and capabilities, and explore new markets.

This is a major advance for the sports analytics industry. Park has designed a technology-driven platform that stands to revolutionize the way teams and players analyze and improve their performance. It provides predictive insights and analytics that can help athletes, coaches and teams improve their decision-making ability and make more informed decisions about performance, fitness and tactical moves.

This investment will help Park expand its platform and capabilities further across India and beyond. Additionally, with the backing of these two powerful companies, Park will be able to bankroll the potential of its platform and continue to develop more cutting-edge solutions for athletes, coaches and teams.

 8.5M Funding for Delhi Park Infrastructure by EconomicTimes and Rooter

The Economic Times and Rooter, an analytics-driven sports media platform, have invested 8.5 million dollars in Delhi-based Park, a sports media, analytics, and sports-management startup. This is a major move by the two companies that signals their joint commitment to the Indian sports media and analytics industry.

The investment will be used to further accelerate the growth of Park’s products and technology, expand its product and engineering teams in India and abroad, and add to its existing portfolio of products. Park is one of the few early-stage sports technology companies in India and will benefit from the deep insights, resources and networks of Economic Times and Rooter.

Park currently provides a platform for sports engagement and plays host to an international sports ecosystem of athletes, sponsors and fans. It uses analytics to help these stakeholders understand their sports better by providing a total sports platform that covers everything from scouting to training to live data insights.

So far, Park has conducted scouting trips for over 150 athletes and has visited over 20 countries. It collaborates with some of sports’ most prestigious clubs and institutes, such as the Delhi Football Association, and Chennaiyin FC. Through its bespoke suite of products, Park’s insights  have been used by several clients in India and abroad, including the Delhi Capitals and CamFantasy.

Park has built a strong presence in the sports ecosystem and is known for its unique engagement with its athletes. This investment will help Park to deepen its partnerships with sports federations, associations and clubs in India and abroad. It will also help in expanding its global data set to better serve its clients.

With this investment, Park will further develop its analytics technology, launch new products and gain access to valuable networks. This will lay the foundation for Park to build on its current success and become a leader in the Indian sports data and analytics space.

EconomicTimes and Rooter Make 8.5 Million Investment in Delhi Park

The famous Economic Times and Rooter have recently made a huge 8.5 million investment in Delhi Park. This investment is aimed at bringing about much needed improvement which will ultimately benefit local residents and park goers.

The 8.5 million dollar investment has already started to pay off with the park seeing a much needed facelift. New trees have been planted and pathways have been added, along with playgrounds for children, outdoor seating for visitors, and additional lighting for night time access.

The most impressive feature of the investment is the promise of free Wi-Fi access for visitors. This will allow residents and visitors an easy way to communicate and stay connected while in the park.

This investment also marks the beginning of a new vision for the area. Economic Times and Rooter intend to make the park an attractive place to locals and visitors, with a variety of activities that draw more people and businesses to the park.

The initial investment will help to finance a variety of necessary improvements to the park but it is the long term vision that investors have that really makes it stand out. 

By creating a place where people can go to relax, exercise, and enjoy the outdoors, Economic Times and Rooter are making a lasting impact 

in Delhi Park and the surrounding area. The park is already seeing more foot traffic and more businesses taking notice.

It is clear that the Economic Times and Rooter investment will create positive impacts for the park and its local residents. We can only hope that this investment marks the beginning of a long term change that will make the area a better place to live and work.