Drawing for kids always with a pencil in hand. They are ready to use their creativity to finish a new masterpiece. Drawing is a boring activity where you have to sit still. The only part of the body in motion: the fingers.
As simple as this activity may seem, it allows the kids to evolve, over time. Towards the prerequisites that will allow them to learn to write in elementary school. Most schools are very careful about kids’ education. They teach preschool learning for kids that’s why they make interest themselves. This kind of learning makes it very precious for our kids.

But, before being able to hold a proper pencil and to trace letters in a space of two very small lines the drawing for kids evolves greatly. At the age of one, the drawing for kids scribbles with a pencil on a very large sheet. Then the first characters will appear with head and arms without a body. And then complete their evolution to a full character, as we all know him.

Most kids have hesitation for drawing but the cool drawing idea is providing many drawings for kids although they can learn easily. Drawing is the best and part of our child because they do a lot of fun with it. As we all know that this is a very precious moment for our kids. Because they try to do something and make the happiness of the face.

To use graphics or drawing for kids, many restrict themselves to a single pencil and a sheet. But, a variety of materials can further stimulate interest in graphics in many kids. I also offer you several small activities to experiment with that will attract the attention of the most skeptical!

1 to 2 years

* It is advisable to start using pencils with young babies, from around 10 to 12 months old, with increased supervision.
Let the kids doodle at their ease.
Offer the baby extra-large leaves.
Offer a variety of different sized pencils so babies have a good grip (crayons, bingo stamps, animal crayons, finger pencils). Crayola also offers an interesting variety of pencils for this age.
Paint with Jell-O and your fingers. Make traces inviting a baby to use one finger at a time.
Offer large dark boxes and offer large brushes. The paint to use water only. It does not cause any damage and the kids stay clean, clean, clean!

2-3 years

Tape sheets to the wall and invite the kids to color while standing. This activity works on stability in the shoulders.
Offer a wide variety of painting and drawing materials for kids (toothbrush and paint, bird feathers and gouache, popsicle sticks, etc.).
Offer drawings with very large details and invite kids to color, without going overboard.
Draw vertical, horizontal, and circular lines. Have the kids imitated what you do?
Paint with your hands-on large sheets. Use one finger to trace designs.
I suggest you an interesting article to get: an erasable board. Kids never get tire of erasing and restarting their drawings.

3-4 years

Offer the kids several different materials, such as shaving cream in a mirror, flour on a plate, foaming paint for the bath.
Spread a thick layer and invite the kids to draw pictures.
Provide kids with large leaves and various objects. The kids outline the objects.
Draw simple shapes, such as a square, triangle, and circle. Have the kids imitated you?
Draw dots on a sheet. Have the kids tied them all together?
Gradually decrease the size of the leaf. The kids will learn to work in a smaller place. Offering different leaf textures can complement the designs.

4-5 years

Write letters on a piece of paper and have the kids imitate you.
Write the child’s name and offer to write it on his own.
Offer smaller pencils and encourage kids to use a mature grip. To help them, make a mark that will show them where to place their fingers.
Draw paths between objects at each end. The kids should draw a line in the middle of the road. Gradually decrease the width of the path.
Start a drawing, such as a flower, a sun, a house that you draw halfway. Ask the kids to complete it.
As you can see, with a little imagination we can stimulate interest in drawing in all kids.

And for those who like to move more, suggest that they draw standing up or incorporate. A drawing to do inside a course dotted with obstacles.
The easy cool drawing ideas for kids’ first scribbles will lead to writing made up of letters and numbers a few years later. We must therefore focus more on this aspect of drawing for kids’ development to offer kids the maximum chance of success in school!
With that, have fun!