Recently, Dlocal announced their largest round of funding to date, raising $150 million in a round led by venture capital giant Septembertan and Bloomberg Beta. The money will go towards expanding their global presence and growing their technology infrastructure.

Dlocal is a global payments infrastructure platform that provides businesses with a comprehensive suite of payment solutions. The company’s mission is to revolutionize how digital merchants process, receive, and send payments.

Dlocal plans to use the latest funding to help facilitate its global payments expansion strategy. They currently have a presence in 200 countries and deploy innovative features in these regions. This round of funding will help them take advantage of the latest technological advancements to bring these features to more markets.

The investment from Septembertan and Bloomberg Beta further adds to the various strategic partnerships that Dlocal has developed in order to create an ecosystem of financial partnerships and organizations.

The current global payments infrastructure is fragmented and relies on antiquated systems. DLocal is looking to transform the existing system by leveraging emerging technologies to increase efficiency and open up more markets.

The company aims to provide simple and secure financial services to businesses in emerging markets, allowing them to transact in multiple currencies. This funding round will allow the company to continue innov 

ating and pushing boundaries, as well as growing their globally dispersed team.

With this latest round of funding, Dlocal continues to demonstrate the value they bring to the marketplace and prove their commitment to utilizing the latest technology to make digital payments more accessible and secure

Dlocal Expands its Reach with $150 Million from Septembertan and Bloomberg

Today, Dlocal is proud to announce that it has closed a $150 million Series A funding round led by prominent investors from Septembertan and Bloomberg. This round of financing will finance the next phase of Dlocal’s growth and help the company expand its reach in over 100 countries around the world.

This investment is the latest example of Dlocal’s continued drive to become an international end-to-end cross-border payment processor for e-commerce transactions. Dlocal offers secure and innovative payment solutions for merchants and financial institutions, allowing them to instantly connect to markets around the world. With this funding, Dlocal will be better positioned to execute its vision of unlocking borderless digital commerce.

In particular, this funding will help Dlocal strengthen its position as a global payment provider and build the infrastructure needed to serve its rapidly growing customer base. It will also be used to develop the company’s product roadmap that includes new features, faster transaction times and expanded payment options. In addition, Dlocal plans to use the funds to expand its international operations and range of payment options, making it a more comprehensive and desirable solution for businesses.

With this investment, Dlocal is poised to continue its incredible growth and provide an even better experience for merchants and financial institutions  in countries around the world. Dlocal is committed to making secure, global payment transactions simpler and faster with the highest standards of security, compliance, and customer experience. We are excited to see what the future holds for Dlocal and continue our mission to unlock cross-border digital commerce.

Dlocal Gets an Eye-Opening $150 Million Investment from Septembertan and Bloomberg

This week, Dlocal, a high-growth payments fintech startup that helps businesses of all sizes easily manage international payments and optimize their cash flow, announced a huge $150 million investment from Septembertan, Bloomberg’s growth investment arm.

The investment stands testament to the increasing global demand for innovative fintech services and the potential of such companies to drive huge growth.

Dlocal has already made impressive strides in the industry, having clocked an impressive annual growth rate of 2,000%, partnered with over 20 financial institutions, and served more than 80,000 businesses to date. This funding will support their mission to deliver top-notch international payment processing and related services to businesses of all sizes around the world.

The investment will also enable Dlocal to further expand their operations in Latin America, as well as other emerging markets, to become the leading global payments platform of choice. This move signals a growing emphasis on leveraging fintech to modernize all kinds of financial services, while simultaneously driving greater financial inclusion across all markets.

At a time when digital disruption is revolutionizing the financial industry, the need for robust payments infrastructure and easy-to-use, efficient payment processing systems is greater than ever. Dlocal  is at the forefront of this surge and is well-positioned to capitalize on the increased demand for the kind of services that it provides.

This $150 million investment from Septembertan and Bloomberg will surely help Dlocal to continue its growth trajectory, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this dynamic fintech startup.