Delhi-based startup Park Ventures has announced that it has successfully raised 8.5 million in a new round of funding. The latest funding round was led by US-based private equity firm JP Morgan Chase and Asian venture capital firm Lightspeed Ventures.

Park Ventures is a B2C start-up that provides healthcare services to customers. The company aims to make access to healthcare services more convenient by providing it at their doorstep with the help of technology. The company was founded in 2019 and has since been working with leading hospitals and clinics in the area to streamline healthcare services.

The new round of funding comes as a great boost for the company, as it will help them to expand their business operations and reach out to more clients in the Delhi-NCR region. Park Ventures also now plans to utilize the funds to explore different opportunities in the healthcare industry and continue to develop their products and services.

With the new investment, the company will be able to further strengthen its market position and establish its presence across India. The funds raised will also be used to hire top-notch talent and build a robust engineering team.

The co-founder, Deepak Mathur said, “We are extremely thrilled with this investment and are delighted  to have JP Morgan Chase and Lightspeed Ventures on board as our partners. We are confident that this investment will significantly fuel our ambition of building a seamless, technology-enabled healthcare platform.” 

The round of funding is a testament to Park Ventures’ ability to deliver a top-notch healthcare experience while keeping costs low. As the company continues to focus on development, there are sure to be more exciting times ahead.

Park Ventures Closes 8.5 Million Deal with Economic Times Backers

The venture capital fund Park Ventures recently announced the closing of an 8.5 million dollar deal with their latest investors, Economic Times Backers. The investment comes at a perfect time as Park Ventures looks to expand its presence in the venture capital industry.

The 8.5 million investment is expected to provide the necessary resources for Park Ventures to support early-stage companies and entrepreneurs across the globe. Park Ventures has already established itself as one of the premier venture capital funds with participation from numerous industry-leading and emerging technology companies.

With this new investment, Park Ventures is perfectly poised to continue building its portfolio with more exciting startups and further solidify their presence in the industry. They have already introduced a number of innovative platforms and solutions that provide high-value solutions for their portfolio companies.

This new investment from Economic Times Backers is a sure sign of increased optimism in the venture capital industry, as the market continues to show strong growth. With their extensive resources, Economic Times Backers is the perfect partner for Park Ventures to grow their venture capital fund.

Park Ventures’ Chairman, Henrik Johansson, said that the 8.5 million dollar deal was a significant milestone for Park Ventures, adding “This new investment will enable us to  continue to bridge the gap between innovative startups and emerging technology firms, adding value to the companies that choose to join us.”

As the venture capital industry continues to grow and expand with new investments, Park Ventures is well positioned to take advantage of the opportunities presented by this new wave of venture capital buyers. It’s clear that this new funding from Economic Times Backers is just the beginning of a successful future for Park Ventures.

 Maus Investment Pumps 8.5 Million Into Delhi-Based Park Ventures

The Delhi venture capital scene has been abuzz with news of Maus Investment pumping 8.5 million into Park Ventures, a Delhi-based venture capital firm. The investment is part of Maus Investment’s aggressive push into the Indian market, where it is empowering underprivileged entrepreneurs with investment and access to networks in the tech industry.

The funding round was led by Maus Investment and has already attracted some exciting companies into the portfolio. This marks a new milestone in Maus Investment’s mission to catalyze the growth of India’s tech ecosystem.

The 8.5 million rupees will be used by Park Ventures to fuel startups, helping them to get off the ground and fostering their growth in the Indian market. The venture capital firm will also help these entrepreneurs to get access to networks in the tech industry and mentor them through their growth curve and help them attract bigger rounds of funding.

The move is part of Maus Investment’s larger strategy of engaging with the venture capital scene in India to drive innovation, create opportunities for entrepreneurs and to build bridges between Silicon Valley and India.

The founder of Maus Investment, Jay Maus, said, “We are delighted to be associated with Park Ventures and are  confident that their team and vision will help the Indian entrepreneurial landscape reach its full potential. Maus Investment will continue to invest in India in the coming years and are excited to bring the Silicon Valley playbook to India.”

Kavita Patel, the founder of Park Ventures said, “We are excited to have Maus Investment onboard as we look to build a stronger entrepreneurial ecosystem in India. We believe that access to capital, mentorship and a support system is key in helping startups realize their full potential.”

The Maus Investment investment into Park Ventures could be a game-changer for Delhi’s venture capital scene and will help to drive innovation and growth in the city. This could be the first step in a wave of investments that could revolutionize the Indian tech scene and create more opportunities for the aspiring entrepreneurs of the future.