It is now confirmed that Delhi-based Duane Park Ventures has closed an $8.5 million investment from undisclosed investors. This is the first time that a venture capital firm in India-based has successfully secured such a large investment.

Duane Park Ventures is a venture capital firm that focuses on providing early-stage and growth-stage funding to technology-based startups in India. The firm, founded by entrepreneurs and venture capitalists with decades of collective experience in the Indian startup space, has taken part in the funding rounds of many successful startups out of India.

This latest investment further reinforces the mission and vision of Duane Park Ventures. The firm is focused on helping entrepreneurs in India build companies and build robust technology solutions to problems. Additionally, the firm is looking to create a global platform where innovative startups in India can receive global mentorship, funding and support.

So far, Duane Park has invested in more than 20 startups and have seen success in a number of them. Some of these emerging startups have gone on to become unicorns, raising several times their initial investment rounds.

We are certainly excited to hear about Duane Park’s success in raising such a large sum of money and look forward to seeing what great startups emerge from  their portfolio in the coming years.

Duane Park Ventures Closes 8.5M Investment Round in Delhi 

Exciting news for Delhi startups as a major new venture capital fund, Duane Park Ventures, has just announced the closure of an 8.5 million dollar funding round. This is the first venture capital fund to invest in Delhi and is a major milestone for the entrepreneurial scene in the city.

Duane Park Ventures is a $50 million fund that focuses on early-stage investments in the consumer, enterprise, and technology space in Delhi. Led by Indera Chawla, an experienced venture capitalist, the fund is committed to investing in the most promising start-ups in the city.

The 8.5 million dollar investment round was raised from an extensive Domestic and International investor pool, including existing investors Fund Eight Private Equity, MMC Ventures, and PDC Ventures. These investors join the board of Duane Park Ventures, which currently consists of Microsoft India and McKinsey & Company Partners.

The funds raised will go towards making investments in start-ups “with passionate founders, mission-driven teams and clearly differentiated products that have the potential to disrupt markets and create long-term value”. This investment also marks a major milestone for the Delhi startup ecosystem which has seen several venture capital investments recently, including investments from major firms like  Soft Bank, GV, and Tiger Global.

Duane Park Ventures is the first fund to invest exclusively in Delhi and will help to bolster the local tech and start-up scene in the city. The fund’s focus on early-stage investments is a boon for local entrepreneurs as it provides much-needed capital to help them grow their businesses.

We are excited to see what Duane Park Ventures can do for the Delhi startup ecosystem and will be keeping an eye out for future investments in the area. This new venture capital fund is a huge step in the right direction for the city and will no doubt be a catalyst for future growth and success.

Duane Park Ventures Investing $8.5M in Delhi Based Technology Start-up

In an encouraging sign for the Indian startup ecosystem, Delhi based technology startup, CRBTech Solutions, has recently secured a major investment of $8.5 million from Duane Park Ventures.

The investment is one of the largest of its kind in the country and it is expected to help the company scale up operations in order to become a major player in providing technology services to both domestic and international clients.

CRBTech Solutions is a technology-enabled consultancy service provider that offers a wide range of services to its customers, including web and mobile app development, artificial intelligence, data analytics, cloud computing, and IT service management.

The company has been on a rapid expansion drive since the launch a few years ago and has now secured this major funding from Duane Park Ventures. This investment will help accelerate its growth by empowering it to invest more in product development and enter new markets.

The injection of funds will also help CRBTech Solutions in its mission to become a leader in technology-enabled services in India. The company’s aim is to redefine technology services delivery and business process optimisation in the country and the investment from Duane Park Ventures will surely be of great help to achieving this goal.

The company’  vision is to create value for its customers through the best use of technology, which is perhaps its most attractive trait for potential investors. This funding further strengthens CRBTech Solutions’s position in the market and will help it to become a key player in the industry.

The investment from Duane Park Ventures is a sign of great things to come for the Indian startup ecosystem. It is not only a testament to the bright future that startups have in the country, but also an encouraging sign that investors are willing to take the risk in backing a young and ambitious venture.

This major investment by Duane Park Ventures in CRBTech Solutions is an exciting development and it will be interesting to see how the company uses this funding to propel itself forward in the coming days.