Duane Park is a B2B e-commerce platform that helps retailers and small businesses in the physical world to connect and transact with one another in a secure and efficient manner. Its goal is to create a unified ecosystem of collective buying and selling opportunities.

The proceeds of the funding round will be used to further strengthen Duane Park’s technological platform, expand its operations, and develop new products and services.

The investment is significant as it shows that the Indian government is recognizing the power of B2B e-commerce, especially for small businesses in the physical world. This will help small business owners access the same online marketplaces that the larger companies have access to and help them compete against the bigger players.

Furthermore, the investment will also help Duane Park to have a unified view and an understanding of the customer’s shopping habits and preferences. This will help them to create better insights and better recommendations to their customer base.

Overall, the investment by the Economic Times is a great win for Duane Park and the B2B e-commerce segment in India. This round of funding will surely help them to engage with a larger customer base and continue to accelerate their growth.

 Economic Times Investing ₹8.5 Million in Delhi Based Duane Park

The Economic Times has recently made a significant investment of ₹8.5 million in the Delhi-based start-up Duane Park. Duane Park is an online, customised financial-planning platform that is transforming the financial lives of its users.

This investment further strengthens ET’s commitment to financial inclusion and empowering Indians to make their own financial decisions. Through its investment in Duane Park, ET seeks to build bridges between consumers and financial advisors, making advice more accessible and easier to access.

Duane Park’s innovative approach to financial planning will allow users to understand their finances and access personalized advice from professional advisors. The platform’s broad range of services, such as cash flow management, wealth creation, and risk assessment, will make it easier for individuals to make informed financial decisions.

Duane Park’s custom-built algorithms will analyse their users’ financial data and create personalized financial plans based on their risk profile, goals, and timelines. This level of detail ensures users have access to the best financial advice, regardless of their financial literacy level or access to financial services.

The investment by Economic Times in Duane Park will help the start-up reach scale and support its mission to promote financial inclusion. With ET’s backing, Duane Park will continue to expand its services and offer its users even greater control over their financial future. This investment is a great example of how technology can bridge the gap between financial services providers and users, and drive innovation in financial markets.

 Delhi-Based Startup Duane Park Scores Major Investment from Economic Times

Good news for the start-up ecosystem in India! Delhi-based startup Duane Park has scored a major investment from veteran venture capitalists Economic Times. This comes as a shot in the arm for the startup as it progresses on its growth path. 

Duane Park is a tech platform for smarter decision making for consumers. It enables consumers to make informed decisions with intelligent and personalized product information.

The highlight of this investment is the fact that it will help Duane Park to accelerate the development of its products, ramp up its marketing and operational activities, and to expand its team. The Economic Times investment will also help Duane Park to extend its technology platform to other cities in India, such as Chennai and Bangalore.

Duane Park is confident that the capital infusion will further strengthen its capabilities to help small and medium businesses carry out their activities in a better way.

The founders of Duane Park are determined to foster innovation and equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the right tools to sharpen their skills. They believe that their solutions can help in the growth of small businesses, especially the start-ups in India.

Duane Park’s focus is on creating smart and efficient solutions that help in cutting down the manual labor and efforts involved in managing and operating businesses. According to the team, this investment from the Economic Times will help them on their mission to provide the most advanced and promising solutions for the startups. 

We wish Duane Park the very best in their endeavors!