The Crossbeam 76M Series is a new line of data center and cloud-based network solutions from MillerTech. This line of solutions is designed to enable IT organizations to build highly available, secure and resilient networks with greater flexibility and scalability. The solutions are specifically designed to meet the stringent performance, scalability and reliability requirements of today’s most demanding cloud computing and data center networks.

The Crossbeam 76M Series comprises four separate solutions: MillerTech’s Unified Connect System (UC), the Crossbeam 76M InfiniScale Cloud Fabric, MillerTech’s CloudEdge, and the MillerTech CloudXS. Together, these solutions are designed to provide organizations with enhanced data center performance, scalability and reliability.

The Crossbeam 76M InfiniScale Cloud Fabric provides a high-performance virtual network fabric that enables organizations to scale from 1Gbps to 40Gbps within the core data center network. This fabric offers enhanced performance, scalability and reliability without the need to deploy costly, large-scale topologies.

MillerTech’s Unified Connect System (UC) provides organizations with greater control and visibility over the entire data center. UC unifies, consolidates and simplifies the management of all components and systems within the data center with  one integrated view. This solution provides management and control of all devices and services within the data center for improved efficiency and scalability.

The CloudEdge solution from MillerTech is designed to provide secure end-to-end data movement, allowing organizations to quickly move data between their applications and the cloud. CloudEdge allows fast, secure data movement with data encrypted both in transit and at rest, making it ideal for businesses that need to move sensitive data.

Finally, the MillerTech CloudXS is a unified, scalable and secure cloud platform that enables organizations to quickly deploy applications, storage and networking infrastructure in a cost-efficient manner. With CloudXS, organizations can quickly and easily deploy new applications and services without having to invest heavily in new hardware or software.

The Crossbeam 76M Series from MillerTech is designed to help organizations build highly available, secure, and reliable networks in the cloud, while providing greater scalability and flexibility. With these four solutions, organizations can quickly scale their infrastructure and ensure secure, reliable data movement with minimal investment in hardware or software.

TechCrunch: Crossbeam 76M Series from MillerTech

Tech giant MillerTech has recently announced a massive new round of funding for its Crossbeam product line. The investment, which is being led by new investors from the Middle East, values Crossbeam at $76 million.

Crossbeam is an innovative platform that provides a unified set of enterprise-level apps and services. It works across many devices, systems and data sources, providing a comprehensive solution for businesses. It also allows for greater collaboration, increased efficiency and improved security across multiple platforms.

The funding underpins the company’s rapid growth since it was founded in 2020. Since then, Crossbeam has rapidly developed its product line, offering solutions for a wide range of enterprise customers. Crossbeam’s user base includes organizations from over 33 countries, including the US, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

The latest funding round is a clear recognition of the value that MillerTech’s Crossbeam platform brings to large enterprises. Moreover, it is a reflection of the confidence that investors have in the company’s ability to deliver a world-class product.

MillerTech has ambitious plans for the future, including plans to focus on expanding its global footprint and scaling its platform. Crossbeam is being seen as a key  part of MillerTech’s strategy going forward, and the influx of new funding gives the company the boost it needs to continue its growth.

The investment is an exciting milestone for MillerTech, and it demonstrates the enormous potential of the Crossbeam platform. With this new round of funding, it’s clear that MillerTech is set to continue dominating the enterprise software space.

MillerTech’s Crossbeam 76M Series on TechCrunch

MillerTech recently released its new Crossbeam 76M Series, targeted at the enterprise market. The series consists of multiple models of their state-of-the-art switches that are designed to provide IT professionals with a reliable, high-speed connection for their networks. The series is equipped with the latest hardware, software, and security features, making it the ideal choice for businesses in need of a reliable and secure solution for their data networks.

The Crossbeam 76M Series is powered by MillerTech’s advanced Layer 3 routing protocol, providing users with unparalleled performance and stability. It also includes an integrated firewall to ensure maximum protection from unauthorized access, as well as an advanced analytics and network monitoring system that allows IT professionals to monitor the performance of their network in real-time. This series also features an intuitive user interface that allows administrators to manage their network more efficiently.

The Crossbeam 76M Series also features the latest 802.11ac Wave 2 technology, allowing users to access their networks at up to five gigabits per second. This provides users with the highest levels of speed, performance, and reliability when transferring data. It also supports multiple virtual networks, allowing users to segment their networks into multiple private networks with different levels of access.

Overall,  MillerTech’s Crossbeam 76M Series is an ideal solution for businesses in need of a highly reliable and secure solution for their data networks. It offers high performance, advanced security, and intuitive management tools, as well as industry-leading 802.11ac Wave 2 technology that allows users to access their networks at speeds up to five gigabits per second.