An absolute necessity in every woman’s wardrobe is a set of formal dresses or “the clothing for posh parties”. Till the mid-nineteenth century, the need for semi-formal dresses was restricted to the costliest cupboards. However, presently, formal dresses have become the maker of a closet. They have come a long way and have become the answer to most doubts on what to wear to weddings, evening parties, prom nights and so on. With the evolution in the fashion industry and the experiments of top fashion designers, we have seen a whole new world of cocktail dresses. There are some customs related to cocktail dresses where women often get confused. You need to understand the concept of cocktail dresses in 2021 before getting straight to shopping. 

What are cocktail dresses?

Cocktail outfits are basically a more sophisticated group of party dresses. You can interpret them as party dresses that are suitable for formal events. Cocktail gowns lie somewhere between typically formal and totally easygoing dresses. They are easier to wear than your formal dresses and more sophisticated than the dresses you wear to the club. Often, it is not that difficult to decide the outfit because the invitation to the cocktail party says much about the dress code. 

If the invitation does not say anything about the expected dress code, you should know the type of the event. Most events like anniversaries, office parties, birthdays and weddings call for cocktail clothing types. A much-appreciated choice includes black cocktail dresses because nothing can be absolute for formal wear than black. Floor-length gowns in sequin or metallic two-piece dresses are the best picks for most of your formal parties. 

General Rule

The general tip for picking a cocktail party gown ensures that the dress is not too short or too revealing. Basically, do not overdo anything. Even a dress too long isn’t appropriate for a formal event. Keep things balanced between not-too-formal and not-too-informal. If you are more attracted to mini cocktail dresses, prefer a little black dress. If long dresses are more your type, choose from floor-length yet sexy cocktail dresses. The obvious choices include dresses with long sleeves, a-line silhouette or sweetheart necklines. 

Do’s and don’ts of wearing cocktail dresses


  • Avoid wearing dresses that are more than revealing 


Try not to consider your cocktail party as a club night out with your friends. That is why, keep away from dresses too bold, shabby or something that negatively invites attention. Look yourself in the mirror wearing the dress you have decided on. It’s not that there is nothing like sexy cocktail dresses. You can go for a sexy dress, but it should equally be sophisticated and apt for a formal event. A great way to judge a dress is to imagine somebody else wearing it at the party. Acknowledge and decide. Also, keep in mind the neckline of the dress and avoid keeping it blank. 


  •  It’s not your wedding.


Avoid picking up long gowns with dramatic trails. Keep the dramatic gowns for your special moments. Though, midi cocktail dresses are safe for a formal event. There is everything gorgeous about dresses with trails but keep away from them unless you are the women of the evening. If you have a ballgown with the perfect length for a formal event, you can consider going for it. 


  • Pick Trousers instead of Jeans


If you do not know, sleek trousers are the perfect form of cocktail dresses for weddings. You can see many brides wearing white pantsuits. If wearing dresses to parties is not your thing, do not go for jeans. A pair of jeans is never counted suitable for formal events. But trousers are a great alternative to them. Wear the comfy, chic and sophisticated look to weddings, evening parties, anniversaries or any other formal events. 

Parties are a fun time to dress up and if you have received an invitation, start shopping for it soon. Now that you know what to and what not to wear, shop the fresh cocktail dresses in 2021.