Basecamp’s CEO Jason Fried recently joined the PR blitz to lend his unanimous public support for Lyons the Verge, a computer engineering and robotics student from Chicago. Lyons was recently featured on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, highlighting the amazing achievements of his junior engineering and robotics program at his high school.

Lyons has become a local celebrity for blending his skills in engineering and robotics together to create a multitude of innovative solutions and inventions. His success has spilled over into the mainstream media, with appearances in international and national media outlets for his accomplishments in creating custom robots to assist firefighters and combat domestic abuse. 

In the Tonight Show segment, Fried spoke passionately about Lyons and his accomplishments, praising the young engineer’s world-changing robotics solutions. He explained that Lyons showed the world that through dedication, creativity and perseverance, anything is possible. At Basecamp, we believe in rewarding talent, hard work and dedication, and Lyons is a prime example of that. By supporting Lyons and his incredible feats, CEOs like Jason Fried are setting a great example for the world and showing what one young engineer is capable of.

As he explained in the Tonight Show segment, Jason Fried believes Lyons’ story is inspirational, and underscored the importance of providing opportunities to young engineers  with the right inspiration, dedication, and hard work. The world needs more engineers like Lyons, and it’s fantastic to see a CEO standing with support him. 

We at Basecamp feel that Lyons the Verge is a great example of why every young person should be given the opportunity to pursue their ambitions, and Jason Fried’s unwavering support of Lyons is yet another reminder of why Basecamp exists in the first place. We are committed to helping young people turn their dreams into reality, and will continue to promote the bright future for everyone who wants to make a difference.

 CEO Basecamp Lyons Teams Up With the Verge to Foster Greater Transparency

If you’re in the business world, then you’ve likely heard of Basecamp CEO Jason Fried and his highly successful web-based software solution and collaborative project management tool. Recently, Fried announced a collaboration between his company and the news site The Verge in an effort to create greater transparency in the tech industry. 

The collaboration between Basecamp and The Verge are part of the new “Helping the Helpers” initiative, which focuses on giving journalists better access to tech companies and their projects. Through the collaboration, journalists will be granted access to the inner workings of Basecamp, allowing them to better understand the company’s operations and how it’s helping other businesses.

The goal of the collaboration is to make tech companies more transparent and accountable to their customers and users. By allowing journalists to have direct access to the workings of Basecamp, the company hopes to show that it stands for openness and transparency in the technology sector. Fried wrote, “We believe companies should be open and honest about how they operate and what they’re doing.”

By opening itself up to journalists, Basecamp hopes to foster a culture of openness that will allow tech companies to share information and cooperate more openly with the public. This will also help bridge the gap  between tech companies and the public by providing more detailed information about their operations and how they’re helping their customers.

Overall, this collaboration between Basecamp and The Verge is a step in the right direction for tech companies wanting to be more transparent and accountable to the public. By allowing journalists to take a closer look at Basecamp’s operations and initiatives, the company can show that it’s committed to transparency and helping the tech industry as a whole. 

Hear What CEO Jason Lyons has to Say About Basecamp’s Partnership with The Verge

Basecamp is thrilled to announce its partnership with The Verge, one of the leading digital media outlets in the world. This is the first major collaboration between the two companies, and it promises to bring a great deal of innovation, visibility, and success for both parties.

CEO Jason Lyons is thrilled about the partnership and shared these thoughts about what it means for the company:

“We are excited to join forces with The Verge to bring value and creativity to our partnership. By combining our talents with the reach of The Verge, we are confident that our collaboration will not only benefit Basecamp, but will also bring a lot of value to our customers.

At Basecamp, we’re all about putting people first. With the help of The Verge, we will be able to continue to strive to provide our customers with the best products and services possible. With the collaboration, we will be able to reach more people and share our vision. We are looking forward to what the future holds for our partnership with The Verge.”

We are extremely delighted to be able to work with The Verge and to bring you the dynamic collaboration between two great companies. CEO Jason Lyons’ enthusiasm for the partnership speaks volumes about how confident we are that this collaboration will bring immense  success for both parties.