Six Month Smiles is an increasingly popular braces treatment in the UK; the treatment was developed and pioneered in the USA and is now widely available across the UK. This innovative treatment provides the perfect solution for those who want to get a straighter, more attractive smile without having to wear braces for a long period of time. As you can guess from the name, these braces produce incredible results in just six months.

How do Six Month Smile braces work?

Six month smile braces work in a similar way to normal fixed braces but they are used to correct minor orthodontic problems, which affect the front teeth. The braces focus on the front teeth because these teeth are visible when you smile; by correcting problems with these teeth, the braces improve the aesthetics of the smile significantly. The teeth are encouraged to move very gently, so you shouldn’t experience any pain or discomfort.

Are Six Month Smile braces suitable for everyone?

The Six Month Smile system is a very versatile treatment; it can correct an assortment of orthodontic problems; however, the braces focus on the front teeth and therefore may not be beneficial for people with problems which affect their back teeth or jaw joint. The braces may also not be suitable for people with more complex problems. Examples of problems which can be treated with Six Month Smile braces include:

• Crowding
• Spacing between the teeth
• Overjet (when the front teeth stick out)
• Crossbite
• Overbite
• Underbite

What does the procedure involve?

During the initial consultation, your dentist will examine your teeth and decide whether or not you are a suitable candidate for Six Month Smile braces. If you decide to go ahead with the treatment, your dentist will take photographs and make impressions of your mouth, which will then be sent away to the Six Month Smiles laboratory in America. Your braces will then be manufactured in accordance with your photographs and moulds and then sent back to your dentist. Your dentist will then fit your braces and once they have been checked, fix them to your teeth.

How often will I need to go to the dentist for check-ups?

Dentists recommend that patients visit them every four or five weeks to check the fit of the brace and make any necessary adjustments.

What are the advantages of Six Month Smile braces?

There are a number of advantages of the Six Month Smile system but the most advantageous selling-point is the speed of the treatment; incredible results can be achieved in just six months. Most orthodontic treatments take at least twelve months to produce results. The speed of this treatment means it is ideal for people who are getting married or preparing for an important interview, for example.

Additional advantages include reduced pain, reduced treatment costs and discreet looking braces. The cost of Six Month Smiles braces is around half that of traditional fixed braces and Invisalign invisible braces. The wires are fine and designed to match the colour of the teeth, so the braces will look very subtle and it will not be obvious that you are wearing braces. The braces work by gently moving the teeth in the desired directions, meaning that there is very little pain or discomfort involved.

Is the treatment safe?

Some patients may have reservations about having this treatment because it is relatively new in the UK; however, the treatment has been around for many years in the USA and it has been found to be a highly effective and safe treatment.

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