Delhi is abuzz with the news of the arrival of the stunning new Duane Park 8.5M Maus, a modern retro classic superyacht.

This magnificent vessel is drawing delight from everyone who witnesses its beauty in the harbor. The maus is an exquisite example of modern luxury that combines timeless classic lines and contemporary elegance. Its design provides ample space for leisure and entertainment, giving its guests ample opportunity to explore the very best that life has to offer.

The Duane Park 8.5M Maus is powered by dual Cummins QSC 600hp engines, with a top speed of 24 knots, making it ideal for long cruises and intimate getaways. This state-of-the-art vessel features five cabins, a large foredeck, expansive flybridge, Jacuzzi and a beautiful interior.

What’s more, its guests can benefit from the services of a well-trained team of crew, who have been specially selected to provide excellent customer service. This makes the experience aboard the Duane Park 8.5M Maus even more unforgettable.

Delhi’s Duane Park 8.5M Maus is definitely an addition to the city that you won’  Want to miss out on. So go ahead and book your tickets, or contact us for a custom tour!

Appreciating the Marvel Capped 8.5M Maus of Delhi’s Duane Park

The Maus of Delhi’s Duane Park is a marvel of modern engineering, a remarkable achievement that stands proudly in Delhi for all the world to admire. The 8.5m capped Maus has been an iconic landmark in the city since its inauguration in 2019 and is the ninth Maus to be built in an Indian city.

The capped Maus is the highest in the country and stands tall overlooking the picturesque Duane Park. It has been constructed from reinforced high strength concrete and is designed to last for at least 100 years. The design of the structure is a combination of traditional Hindu architecture and modern day architecture, with intricate details and mystical elements such as a four-headed Garuda perched atop the Maus.

The Maus is a sight to behold, a magnificent structure whose beauty commands great respect. It is not just a structure; it is a symbol of the great engineering feats achievable in Delhi. The Maus of Delhi’s Duane Park is a remarkable example of the power and capability of modern engineering; a tribute to the skill of the engineering people responsible for its planning and construction.

The Maus also stands as a reminder of the importance of urban planning in modern cities. The planning of the environment and infrastructure of a city  goes a long way in helping improve its livability. The Maus of Delhi’s Duane Park is a great example of utilizing modern engineering to plan for the future of a city, setting the tone for urban planning initiatives across the country.

The Maus of Delhi’s Duane Park will surely remain a proud symbol of the engineering prowess of Delhi. It deserves to be admired and appreciated, and we should all be proud of the fact that such a grand structure stands tall in Delhi today.

Making a Splash with the 8.5M Maus of Delhi’s Duane Park

Delhi’s Duane Park recently made a splash with the unveiling of its new 8.5M Maus water sculpture. The amazing sculpture was designed by the renowned artist Raghu Dahiya and stands tall at the entrance of the park. 

The 8.5M Maus sculpture is made from stainless steel, concrete and stone and is shaped in a manner that resembles the silhouette of a mouse. It also features a waterfall-like structure at its center that flows from the top of the sculpture to the base. The water flows from the top of the sculpture creating a mesmerizing visual effect that draws park visitors in.

The 8.5M Maus is a unique sculpture that has brought some much-needed life to Duane Park. The artwork is a symbol of renewal and symbolizes the park’s mission to create a safe and attractive outdoor space to enjoy. Through the installation of this impressive artwork, Duane Park is making a strong statement that outdoor animations can be both artistic and educational.

The 8.5M Maus has become a popular attraction in the park, attracting visitors from near and far. People can marvel at the craftsmanship of the sculpture or wade through the waterfall-like structure. It’s the  perfect spot for a selfie or enjoying a picnic with friends and family.

The 8.5M Maus at Delhi’s Duane Park is sure to make a splash for years to come. Its presence adds a signature touch to the space, making it a must-see for anyone visiting the city.