Myth 1: Erection problems only affect older men

It is true that the most affected age group are men over the age of forty. According to worldwide statistics, every second man in this age group solves a problem in an intimate situation. Unfortunately, the fact that a man has not reached forty will certainly not protect anyone from this problem. In the age group of twenty to thirty, it is estimated that it affects every tenth man.

Myth 2: A man with erection problems wants to, but can’t

The classic notion of erection problems involves a man who would like love very much, but physical obstacles prevent him from doing so. The fact is, however, that erection problems and a decrease in physical desire usually go hand in hand.

According to a recent study conducted at the New England Research Institutes and presented to the American Urological Association, a problem in intimate life will affect men with lower love desire much more often. Research involving nearly a thousand men has shown that those with fewer physical thoughts and fantasies are very likely to have erection problems in the next nine years. Doctors justify this by saying that a decrease in libido is the first harbinger of complications in intimate intercourse.

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Myth 3: Erection problems are a necessary part of old age

Although the probability of problems in intimate life increases with age, according to experts, this is not a consequence of old age as such. This is a problem often associated with diseases that occur in the elderly. It is typically diabetes or cardiovascular disease (medications used by such sick people also have an adverse effect on erections for best result get Fildena 100 or Fildena 150).

The vast majority of older men with similar problems have significantly higher systolic blood pressure. By modifying the lifestyle or treating these health problems, it is then possible to restore erection even in old age.

Myth 4: A real man with an erection has no problem

This argument is as logical as telling you that a real man will never get the flu. According to statistics, at least every second man will experience erection problems in their lifetime. Eighty percent of them are associated with physical problems.

Erection problems affect men, regardless of age, race or social status, and the number is increasing. Although this topic is often taboo and associated with a range of prejudices, redress is usually easier than affected men believe.

Myth 5: During physical intercourse, the time between the first and next erection is the same

The older a person is, the longer it takes for his body to be ready for another erection. At the same time, it depends most on the strength of erotic stimuli and the associated physical stimulation.

Myth 6: A healthy person should have an erection every morning after waking up

It is true that good erection on awakening means that the erectile system works well so use best erectile dysfunction pills Vigora 100. However, an erection does not occur every morning. Nocturnal erections are associated with a very special phase of sleep called Rapid Eye Movement – REM sleep. This phase is activated in cycles during sleep. So if you wake up in the REM phase, you may have an erection, but if you wake up during another sleep phase, you probably won’t have an erection.

Myth 7: If I take medication, my erection will take several hours

Oral medication does not necessarily prolong the erection time. It only allows an increased blood supply to the penis during physical stimulation. There are several preparations on the market, which differ mainly in the duration of action.

Matters related to various medications should be thoroughly discussed with your doctor. If an erection