If you’re into jewelry either as a buyer or seller, you may also be interested in reading up on unusual handcrafted jewelry topics. Reading about unusual handmade jewelry is a great way to become inspired. Knowing that someone took the time to handcraft a special jewelry item is a proud accomplishment, meaning you can be proud to wear it, own it or create it.

Everyone has to start somewhere. If you have an interest in learning about jewelry, you may wonder where the best place is to begin. You don’t have to attend college to learn about jewelry, although there are many great universities that feature jewelry topics such as jewelry design, history or even professions as a jeweler. You can find these educational places both online and on campuses around the globe, especially in countries where jewelry wearing is widely embraced and worn as a fashion statement.

However, if you’re just interested in obtaining general knowledge about unusually handcrafted jewelry topics, you can navigate this list of fascinating books. Here are five books about unusual handmade jewelry for you to consider:

  1. Marketing and Selling Your Handmade Jewelry by Viki Lareau: This book is written for those people who want to take their homemade jewelry hobby to the next level. You’ll even get helpful tips from the basics of setting up a real jewelry design business to pricing your unusual handcrafted jewelry for a profit. This book has 4.5 stars on Amazon.
  2. The Naughty Secretary Club: The Working Girl’s Guide to Handmade Jewelry by Jennifer Perkins: A really whimsical book with 50+ themed jewelry products and a bunch of quirky tips about life in the office to boot? Sounds like a fun read! The author is a former office girl who embarks upon the world of handmade jewelry designs. This book has 4.5 stars on Amazon.
  3. Hip Handmade Memory Jewelry by Cathy Jakicic: Someone who likes homemade jewelry crafts and memory pieces will enjoy this book because it gives unusual handcrafted jewelry lovers a lot of easy projects they can try to “capture” those special life moments and preserve them forever within a unique jewelry guide. This book has 4.5 stars on Amazon.
  4. A History of Jewelry: Five Thousand Years by J.Anderson Black: Whether you are in the jewelry making business or just a lover of unusual handcrafted jewelry, this book takes you back to where jewelry designs began. This book has 5 stars on Amazon.
  5. The New Jewelry: Trends & Traditions by Peter Dormer and Ralph Turner: After you learn about the history of jewelry you may be interested in its current evolution, which is perfectly explained in this insightful read. Goes into detail about contemporary jewelry and wearing jewelry as art. This book has 4 stars on Amazon.