Every day, all across the country, ordinary people are doing extraordinary things to help their communities. Whether they do it because it’s their job, such as a fireman, or they are called to help because it’s the right thing, these people deserve recognition. There are several things you can do to honor heroes in your hometown.

1. Nominate Them for an Award

There are many awards available to people who go beyond the line of duty to help others in their community. One such award, LOSAP Paramus NJ, is for firefighters and other emergency responders. Check your local community service organizations or city hall to see if there are any awards you can nominate someone for.

2. Get it in the News

Local news stations and newspapers have regular features that highlight good news in the community. If you know of someone who has done something you think others should know about, contact a reporter and tell them you think they should do a feature. Be sure to let the honoree know you are doing this so they are not caught off guard and can prepare.

3. Issue a Press Release

If you are connected with an organization and you want to recognize a volunteer who has done outstanding work, issue a press release. Detail the person’s contribution and put it on your website. You can send it out to local news organizations for their information and they may decide to expand on it.

Life can be hard and we can get caught up in the day-to-day grind. It’s important to remember that there are people out they going above and beyond. Recognizing the work they do can lift our spirits and remind us that it is good in the world. Learning about good deeds can also inspire others to do the same.