If you are the type of person to scour the internet for just the right sig fire control unit or search the local store shelves high and low for the perfect laser scope attachment, then you have come to the right place! Whether you are looking for a glow-up for an old gun or a few ways to deck out your brand-new one, here are 3 ways you can customize your handgun.

Grips for Better Hand-feel

An easy and inexpensive way to increase accuracy and improve the hand-feel of your handgun is to upgrade the grip. There are tons of grips that are suited specifically for certain kinds of weather conditions and are available for almost every gun imaginable.

Hard Coatings for Concealed Carrry

Handguns that are constantly taking daily abuse from toting it around will benefit significantly from a special hard-coat finish that can be applied after the fact. It will reduce wear and tear on the outside of the gun, keeping it looking clean and almost new for a very long time.

Laser Sight for Insane Accuracy

Shooting with a dialed-in laser sight can almost feel like it’s cheating. Some that are available are so small that at a passing glance you wouldn’t even notice it’s there. Technology has vastly improved to make them scary-accurate and insanely fun to shoot. It takes after the saying “point-and-shoot” so literally that zeroing in on a target couldn’t be easier.

These 3 quick and easy upgrades to your handgun will leave you speechless next time you are out at the range showing off your gun to your pals. Why not back up all the big talk and fancy guns with some serious accuracy too? Don’t forget that perhaps the biggest upgrade you could make might be to your mind, since gun safety is always the number one priority in any situation.