As a parent, you want your preschooler’s birthday party to be as exciting and memorable as possible. From choosing the right cake to enjoying fun bounce houses Connecticut, planning your little one’s party can be as easy as one, two three! Here are three tips for having a successful celebration for your preschooler. 

1. Make the Invitation Clear

To begin, your party should have a clear starting and ending time. This is a courtesy to guests so that they can plan the rest of their day. If your child is under five, the party should last between 90 minutes and two hours max. Other than including the basics, such as the date, time, and address, there are other details you would be courteous to include. Let your guests know if the child should be dropped off, or if an adult should stay. It is also a good idea to let guests know if you will be serving any food so that they can prepare accordingly. 

2. Schedule the Activities

Now is not the time to wing it. Brief activities should be scheduled over ten to fifteen-minute sessions. Keep in mind that preschoolers have short attention spans, so keep it simple. Blowing bubbles always creates smiles, and a creative craft station complete with clay, paper, glue and glitter may draw their interest. If you have anything special planned, be sure to make it happen before eating the cake, as this is a universal sign that the party is wrapping up. 

3. Select Fun Favors

Sending your guests home with a cute goody bag is the perfect way to thank them for coming to your party. However, be sure to hand them out at the end to avoid lost items or misunderstandings. All you need to do is pick out a few little items that match whatever theme you chose for your party, such as stickers, notepads and pens for example. 

After your child’s special day has come and gone, be sure to show that you are a gracious host by mailing out thank-you notes for each gift given. Encourage your child to participate by letting them scribble their unique signature on the bottom of each one.