People who choose to own guns do so for a variety of reasons. Some of them enjoy participating in shooting competitions, while others keep guns for personal or home protection. While many people choose to hide their firearms in secure safes, some people prefer to display their collections. As long as the cases are secure, this can be a nice way for gun owners to show off their prized pieces.

1. Choose the Firearms

While any type of gun can be put in a case, selecting firearms that are attractive, antique or have a particularly exciting backstory attached to them can make the display more meaningful. A custom engraved 1911 or a cherished hunting rifle that has been passed down through several generations can both make for interesting conversation pieces.

2. Select a Case

The case should be secure, while also allowing for as much visibility as possible. For maximum impact, the case should be the right size and shape to display the firearms without looking either overcrowded or empty. Sturdy materials that resist breaking are a good choice in order to prevent children or thieves from accessing the guns.

3. Implement Safety Measures

Displaying firearms comes with some risk that thieves may be able to break into the case and steal the guns. Building the case directly into the wall can be a good way to hide the display using a picture when no one is home. Laminated glass is more resistant to breaking than traditional glass, and bars and locks can both add vital layers of security. Using trigger locks and storing ammunition separately are also good ideas.

A gun display can be a great statement piece in any room as long as it fits in with the existing décor. With some creativity, it is possible to find a way to show off firearms while also keeping them secure from children and criminals.