The 64 thousand dollar question? How does someone really make money online? There are literally thousands if not millions of online opportunities. Many of them are downright scams and many just mislead the casual internet reader. Hmm… all I need is to make a website and poof I’ll be rich or join our no cost program and do absolutely nothing and the money will pour in like water from a faucet.

The fact of the matter is you can make money online you just need to be very careful with who and what you are dealing with. You can make a living online with many legitimate online opportunities such as work at home or starting your own successful website or blog. However you will have to work at it just like you would be doing with your own job or career. Doing nothing will never get you anything except lazy, fat and broke.

The number one thing that needs to be done before starting any online venture is to do “Research”. What is it that you want to do. Research then plan it out. Do not start an online business on a whim. Making money online is really easy if you do lots of research and planning.

There are many legitimate work at home opportunities and I personally do not endorse any particular one. Actually I do not like any work at home programs because you are now working for someone else. You are not really the boss just another employee you might as well get a job and work for the man again.

Starting your own online business with your own website, blog or business opportunity is in my opinion worth a lot more. No boss, no schedule, no deadlines except my own. It may take more work and research but you are the boss.

I get hundreds of spam emails asking me to join the greatest online opportunity ever invented. The questions that pop into my head when I read these claims are “How do I promote this opportunity”? Won’t it cost me money to promote it? Do I really need to spend 2 grand on this once in a lifetime opportunity? Do I have to bother my friends or relatives to join?

Here are some helpful tips to do when researching online opportunities.

  1. Do not believe everything you read. Even review sites are geared towards the authors own benefits. Visit bbb(dot)org for information on opportunities that might interest you.
  2. Read the Fine Print. I myself am guilty of not reading the small print that is tucked away at the very bottom of a page or a tiny small link that says “Disclaimer”. Read it before continuing.
  3. Find the support page and ask questions? How long does it take to get an answer? Do they have phone support? What is the mailing address?
  4. Do they have a support forum? If they do this is a great place to ask questions first. If you have to join before becoming a forum member I would be suspicious of this opportunity.