Managing a Google AdWords account can be a great challenge as there is a need to understand various aspects of the tool and be able to adapt to the changes in real time. You need to be foresighted enough and also capable enough to evolve with the times. Sometimes you may be troubled by certain myths and expectations which may plague you. In fact, you need to find out the truth behind these statements and structure your campaign so that you can avoid these pitfalls. You can take the right steps so that your click-through ratio will increase leading to a decrease in the cost-per-click resulting in more ROI.

Try for a position 1 – 5 – You will obviously want to be positioned in the number 1 position of the sponsored links shown on the top of the page or to the right. But it has been seen that being in the positions of 1 – 5 will bring you more relevant customers with a better chance of conversion.

Target the Local Customers – If you geo-relate your campaign by using the location targeting options in Google AdWords, your ads will only show up for the areas you have targeted. There is no use if the ad shows up for people who are least likely to buy your products. You can also display the city below the ad.

Be More Specific – You can filter the people who will never buy your product by using brackets or hyphens to get the exact keyword and the negative words. This will help you to narrow down the viewers who are most likely to visit your site.

Using the Keyword – The keyword should be included in the title of the ad and also in the body so that the viewer can notice the ad and be tempted to click on it. The keyword you select can also add to the Google Quality Score and lower your cost-per-click.

More Ads – You have an option to run many ads under the same Ad group in Google AdWords. You can notice an Ad Variations tab and post other ads in it. This will help you to determine which ad gets you the maximum visitors and also sales.

Link to the Landing Page – The visitor will want to visit the page where he can get the information he wants and also make a purchase. Thus, the link in the ad should lead him to the landing page which is the relevant page according to the keyword searched for.

Use a Theme – Since you will have to create many campaigns for your product in Google AdWords and may have to create many Ad groups for that, it is better if you can base the group around a particular theme and group the similar keywords in it. You can thus build about 50 Ad groups for each campaign and about 100 Ad groups per account and manage all of them without much problem.

Get Results – You can install the Google conversion page code to find out how much you have profited from the amount that you have spent. The objective is always to get the maximum profit for a minimum cost.

Account Structure – Your account structure should be such that you can bid on the competitive keywords so that you can decrease the click costs. If certain keywords are not favorable then delete them altogether.

Hire An Expert – It may be quite difficult for you to handle the Google AdWords campaign or build and train a team to do it. It is always better to outsource your work to the experts so that you get the best deal.

By paying heed to these 10 suggestions, you can certainly make your campaign more effective.