The iPhone has created waves of techno style since it was first introduced. iPhone has been brilliantly designed, fast and has an overall functionality not found on any other Mobile Operating Systems. The mesmerized iPhone gentry are still in the trance of technology. iPhone has become a status symbol and also shows a mind to move ahead with the time. To sum it up, it has become an accessory of not just the Business class but also of Gen’X.

  1. Tops in video games operation :-

Playability is smooth and straight, levels are succinct, it is fun to own this iPhone! The smooth operation is really mesmerizing. Those who look at it would love to own it!

  1. Music Application :-

Pandora offers ‘out of the world’ music channels to de stress you. You are allowed to choose your favorite band. If you don’t like a song you can ask it to never be played again, while your favorites can be bookmarked and remembered by the program for later playback.

  1. Innovative iPhone Music App. :-

Pondering over a forgotten song that you adored as a child but forgot its album’s name, signer and other details with time?

Apple’s iPhone can help you get over it easily. Shazam is a free application with a simple function. Hold your iPhone to any direction of music source, whether it’s coming out of a stereo, a TV, whatever it doesn’t matter, and Shazam within seconds will inform you what songs you’re listening to, who is singer? And where to buy it! This is a boon for music enthusiasts. You can also view related YouTube videos by clicking on a defined icon, and they can even email their contacts the music info for download and listening purposes. If you tend to forget songs, or you really want to know what you’re listening to, then this is the perfect application for you.

  1. iPhone Internet / Mobile Search App :-

Users can search their phone for items such as Contacts, Applications, etc. Almost like using Google Desktop for a Windows Based PC. The program also features smart search, essentially as you enter letters the available programs that match those letters will appear first in search results. A great app that makes overall search capabilities easier to digest, especially if you want to store everything on your device, and with the iPhone 3G data connection if you surf the net from your device almost as much as from your computers.

  1. Omni Focus-Best iPhone Location based software. :-

Omni Focus app has proved the best Location based software available for the iPhone. Let’s think you have an appointment at the corner of Main and Front Street, and you need to pick up fruits and vegetables and get a beauty treatment on the very same day. If your appointment is close to a beauty salon and a vegetable store the application will actual remind you of each task while providing directions and location based reminders for the stores to complete each task within your area.

  1. iPhone Aggregate News Reader :-

Using the two programs in tandem you can actually sync your RSS feeds making reading where you left off easier than ever. This application gives option to feed stories for easily giving credit for stories.

  1. Social Network App for iPhone Users :-

Let’s think one situation – you are in an area and want to find fun places to go, you simply log into Loopt and any suggestions tagged in that area by your friends will show up with their comments/suggestions. A great on the go mobile network for location based use.

  1. iPhone E book App :-

Do you like to read when you are mobile? The eReader will help you. The letters come through very clear making reading easy. It may not be perfect for your reading but needs on the iPhone’s 3.5 inch screen, but it’s great for commuters, or if you have a short wait in a line or a break at work and want to catch up on your reading.

  1. iPhone Weather Application :-

If you want to go for a long drive but not sure of weather condition, then you better depend on Weather Bug. It offers 45.000 locations helping travelers across the world. It brings up satellite information, radar maps, and current radars that stream to your device in seconds, detailed forecasts, weather cameras, and in the cases of extreme weather alerts sent directly to your device. Excellent guide for sailors, fishermen and those out on a cruising / yachting vacation.

  1. iPhone Sports Reporting App :-

Who could miss the nerve wrecking moments of football matches? Actually no one! Simply request a game score and within seconds the updated score is sent your way. The user interface is not in any way cluttered and makes finding the games in question a breeze.