Everybody appears to have a “ten ways to go green ‘ list these days. But I believed I might give you some simple things that can be done that I didn’t see discussed everywhere to help green up.

1) Use Bill pay

Most banks offer bill-pay these days. Using your banks bill pay or a web bill pay service helps to reduce paper waste and will also help to save fuel from your mail service having to supply your debts. Paying your debts online also saves energy since your bill doesn’t need to go through the sorting processes at both post offices.

2) water purifying

system get a water purification system from your neighborhood store and fill up your own bottles or refill acquired bottles, rather than purchasing bottled water. By re-filling a bottle a number of times before dropping it you’ll be cutting down on the quantity of plastic going into your local dump. Normally one individual uses 166 throwaway plastic water bottles every year and northern Americans add over 30,000,000 plastic water bottles to our country’s landfills everyday!

3) One man’s junk is another man’s gold

rather than throwing out that usable ‘junk ‘, give your re-cyclable ‘junk ‘ to a second hand store, saving it from the dump and helping out somebody else who may need it. The Sally Army as well as many other places take used stuff to re-sell to their clients, most of them needy, or use the parts from your stuff to repair damaged stuff they have.

4)Use public transport

Use public transport once or more a week. It isn’t so bad, I’ve been car-less for nearly two years now. There’s times I could use one naturally as well as times I wanted one, but generally public transport works fine. Try it for just one day a week.

5) Inflate tires to correct pressure

This is among the most simple ones to do, but pretty frequently overlooked. Just drive to your local tire shop they are going to check and air up your tires for you. If your tire is under inflated your auto has to work tougher to move itself, this uses more fuel, costs you additional money, and pollutes our air more.

6) AC filter

It is mid-summer now, by this time your AC filter is maybe full of dust and lint. Cleaning or changing your furnace / AC filter frequently helps you economize on your electrical bill. Most new filters are under $10 if you research ( hint – compare filter costs online ).

7) Sprinkler Systems

If you’ve got an underground sprinkler system, you most likely have 1 sprinkler that’s trickling or isn’t functioning correctly. Spend a couple of minutes on a weekend and fix it! Also, check those hose connections if you use regular sprinklers, hose ends have a tendency to leak after you hookup and unfasten them numerous times, buy some new gaskets or new hose ends and replace them.

8) Recyclable plates and silverware

Do you know they can use corn starch to make recyclable ‘paper ‘ plates now? Use bio-degradable, expendable dishes rather than paper plates for your B.B.Q.s this summer. Using these will help in tree cutting for paper purposes and save the landfill from filling up with more paper waste. Shop on the web for these.

9) Plant trees

You can order ten free trees from arborday.org and plant them, last I checked you only had to pay a tiny delivery charge. The trees come as seedlings with planting instructions. Put your order in now, some of the trees they offer can be shipped and planted in the autumn, while others need to be shipped and planted in the spring, relying on where you live and what area you are in ( they’ve an area map on the internet site for you to use ). If you order trees, ensure you PLANT the trees!

10) Volunteer

spend a while doing some community service projects. Volunteer with your city / county / state for litter pickup, tree planting, parks etc… I am hoping I’ve given you a couple of things to think about and you will do something. Living green utterly nowadays is not possible due to our technology driven approaches to life. Nobody expects you to go totally Greene county Arkansas, but regardless of whether you did 2 these things it’ll help!